Why Am I Talking about Hunting Sea Ducks on Lake Michigan in March?

March 16, 2015


Why? Because if you want to experience this bucket-list hunt come November, now’s a great time to check out Big Water Outdoors' operation and talk to the guys about getting your dates lined up for this fall! They get busy when things get prime on the Wisconsin shore! Frankly, I didn’t realize this hunting opportunity even existed until just a few years ago. I grew up very near the Big Lake, but had no idea the number of coastal marine ducks that migrate through and to the open water of Lake Michigan. Read more »

Experimental Teal Season in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin a Success

February 26, 2015

For the first time in nearly 50 years, three Upper Midwestern states held a September teal season, and it was a success.

In 2014, the states of Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin held an experimental teal duck season with authorization from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). With the first-year report concluded, biologists from the three states confirmed that the 2014 season was a great success and may even lead to an early teal season in additional states. "The early teal season provided Wisconsin hunters with a new opportunity and our first year results give us confidence in promoting this opportunity for hunters' again next season." said Read more »

Give Snow Goose Hunting a Shot This Spring

February 25, 2015

Snow geese have become so overpopulated that they are destroying their own habitat. Unlimited shooting of geese in the spring is encouraged in order to bring the population under control. Photo courtesy of Ducks Unlimited.

If you’re a waterfowl hunter, you’re accustomed to a plug in your gun’s magazine that limits you to three shots at a time. You're also used to strict bag limits and possession limits. But a hunter pursuing snow geese in the spring has no such restrictions. From Arkansas to the Canadian border, snow geese make their way north each spring in numbers that are hard to fathom. Goose hunters lie in wait all along the way, hoping to make a dent in the incredibly high population. It wasn’t always this way. Snow geese rebounded from very low populations and the middle part of the 1900s. But...

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Why You Should Use an Outfitter for Spring Waterfowl Hunting

February 16, 2015


Spring snow goose hunting is a great “gap filler.” Before we had the spring seasons, March and the first half of April dragged along as shotgunners waited for turkey seasons to kick off across a wide portion of the country. Now we can fill that time chasing geese. Are you going to hunt them this spring? Admittedly, this is a game with some pretty high barriers for entry. It takes time, specialized gear, hard-earned knowledge, and often lots of travel to be successful with spring white geese. If this isn’t something you’ve done before or plan on doing frequently, you either need...

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Hunting “the Other” Spring Snow Geese

February 9, 2015


March will soon be here! It’s when hopelessly devoted waterfowl hunters begin thinking about (and pursuing) spring season snow geese. Hunting these birds as they follow the snow line and the warming weather north has become extremely popular throughout the birds’ range. As many or more light geese are taken during spring seasons as in the fall. Outside of the occasional dove shoot in Mexico, good days of spring snow goose hunting are the closest thing North America offers to the high-volume wingshooting of South America and elsewhere. Most of the focus is on the white and slate blue...

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Video: Hunter Downs Three Ducks with One Shot

February 2, 2015


What was your greatest duck hunting moment? For Robert Arrington, this three-duck shot may count as among his most memorable. According to the hunter, the shot was taken at about 38 yards and nailed all three of the birds pretty good. "We just got done with an epic, late season, South Florida duck hunt!" he wrote in the video's description. "After killing my first 3 drake Black Belly Tree Ducks with my first 3 shots, I then kill a triple with just one shot, using Sarah's Youth Model Escort 20 Gauge!" Robert also specified that he was using Kent Fasteel #4s.

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Video: Duck Hunters Run into “Bird Storm”

January 20, 2015


Imagine driving your UTV to a pit blind when a brace of ducks fly overhead. Oh, that's pretty neat, you might remark to yourself, as even more ducks---and some confused looking geese---pass you by. Looks like you'll have little trouble bagging dinner. But then, wave after wave of the birds start battering your windshield like feathery hail and all you can hear is the quacking of ten thousand ducks all at once. The hunters in this video came across a waterfowl whirlwind, and it is both scary and memorizing. The men take shelter behind the relative safety of their windshield, but their dog...

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Video: This Mesmerizing Film Shows How a Beretta Shotgun is Made

December 15, 2014

A tremendous amount of work goes into the manufacture of a premium Beretta shotgun--as this video shows.

Have you ever wondered how a Beretta over-under shotgun is made? This short film from Ancarani Studio titled Human Technology follows the production of the one of these luxury firearms from start to finish. The manufacture of a Beretta shotgun is a mesmerizing meld of the high-tech and the traditional. "Human Technology is a singular and symbolic movie, its cast entirely made up of Beretta workmen, thus illustrating the perfect synthesis between craftsmanship and technology," Beretta writes on its website. If you've ever wondered where every dollar goes on a Beretta...

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Slowly Moving South: The Migration

December 11, 2014


The migration, much like the rut down South, seemed to be on its way---until it wasn’t. On a calm and rather warm morning two days before Thanksgiving, sitting in a blind overlooking a rice field near Augusta, Arkansas, Lyle, my father, Chad Powell, and myself waited for a little more light at 6:19 a.m. I was silently happy we’d missed the 20-degree temperatures that had hung around the week before. Standing there in the Bridge Blind, watching for the coming sun, teal choreographically buzzed by, never a falter or a wrong turn by a single bird. During aforementioned cold snap, as we’d...

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Kentucky Officials Consider Longer Sandhill Crane Season

December 10, 2014

Officials are considering expanding Kentucky's experimental sandhill crane season.

Biologists from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have proposed extending the state's current sandhill crane hunting season by as much twice the current length of 30 days. According to the The Courier-Journal, the maximum harvest limit of 400 birds has not been changed. Although sandhill cranes are not considered threatened, Kentucky was the first Eastern state to open up hunting for the birds in 2011. The decision was hotly opposed...

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