Bohning Archery Announces New “Stretch Fletch”

June 3, 2013

No Jigs!... No Clamps!... No Boiling Water!... Just Slip It On, Lock It Down And Shoot!

The latest fletching innovation from Bohning gives you the quality & durability you trust and the convenience you need! Introducing Stretch Fletch – a 2 1/4” molded sleeve that you simply slide onto the arrow shaft and lock in place with a dab of adhesive (included). Each...

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Easton Introduces New da’TORCH Carbon Arrow

May 14, 2013


Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment introduces the da’TORCH for 2013. The da’TORCH is a carbon arrow that combines strength, speed and precise straightness for the ultimate package. Michael Waddell, the look of modern-day hunting and celebrity in the...

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KTECH Designs Unleashes the Intrepid Stabilizer

April 24, 2013

KTECH Designs Unleashes the Intrepid Stabilizer

A family owned and operated company, KTECH Designs is at the forefront of stabilizer design and function. Focused on providing customers with high-quality products that heed the hunting and target archery call, KTECH Designs is proud to unveil its all-new Intrepid Stabilizer.

Dripping with technology, the all-new Intrepid Stabilizer is sure to be cheered by archers. Utilizing Weight-Forward Modular Weight Position capability and outboard Vibration Reduction Rods, this 6-inch, 6.6-ounce stabilizer showcases the perfect blend of balance and control. In addition, CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Components along with an Integrated Center Truss makes the Intrepid extremely durable. Because the Intrepid can be equipped with KTECH Designs new weight adjustable Intrepid Pivot Arm, a custom weight configuration and position can be achieved with any set-up. Archers will also appreciate the two included 1-ounce stainless-steel Stackable Weights, and the tapped 5/16-24 front-end welcomes additional weight or a stabilizer enhancer.

KTECH Designs is all about customer satisfaction. That’s why the Intrepid’s outward positioned Vibration Reduction Rods are available in and array of colors including blue, red, green and orange. The stabilizer itself is available in Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT, Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Black, Carbon Fiber, Harvest Moon and Muddy Girl. More custom colors/patterns are available upon request.

Intrepid Breakdown

  • Weight-Forward Modular Weight Position capability and outward Vibration Reduction Rods
  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Components
  • Integrated Center Truss design
  • Outward positioned Vibration Reduction Rods
  • Custom stainless-steel Stabilizer Mounting Stud for ultra-easy installation
  • Built-in Modular Weight Mounting System
  • Two 1-ounce stainless-steel Stackable Weights included
  • Can be equipped with new weight adjustable Intrepid Pivot Arm
  • Tapped 5/16-24 on the front for additional weight or stabilizer enhancer
  • 6-inch length
  • 6.6-ounces

MSRP: $89.99

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“Dead Man’s Hand” Revolver/Knife Display, The Latest Treasure from David Yellowhorse

April 22, 2013

“Dead Man’s Hand” Revolver/Knife Display, The Latest Treasure from David Yellowhorse

When noted Navajo artisan David Yellowhorse sets out to create another distinctive new collectible, you know it will be something special, maybe with a little surprise twist.

His newest work is “Dead Man’s Hand,” built on the legend of Wild Bill Hickok’s poker hand. That was the hand Wild Bill was holding when he was assassinated in 1876. Displayed in a handsome wood-framed case are a North American Arms replica of an 1860 .22 Magnum Earl mini-revolver, with a 4” barrel and a five-shot capacity, and a Buck Knives Custom Vantage folding lockblade.

Both handles have been given the unique Yellowhorse design touch with channel inlaid patterns artistically combining bloody jasper, mother of pearl, white turquoise and black jet with stainless steel.

Yellowhorse anchors both the knife and gun handles with the spread of cards that have become known as the Dead Man’s Hand, with the black eights and aces created with white turquoise and black jet. The unknown hole card remains uncovered as it was when the Old West folk hero, lawman and gunfighter was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall in Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon at Deadwood, Dakota Territory on August 2, 1876.

Only 25 of these beautiful gun-and-knife sets will be built, and they will be serially numbered from 01 to 25. Serial number allocation is done on a first-come, first-served basis. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each set. Price: $5,400. To order, call (870) 236-0133.

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Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivor C4 Does More with Less

April 19, 2013

Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivor C4 Does More with Less

Archers – set your ʻsightsʼ on the new Carbon Carnivore C4 sight, an ʻxtremelyʼ lightweight and virtually indestructible sight from the innovators at Archer Xtreme. Thanks to its 100 percent machined carbon fiber construction, itʼs lighter and tougher than any other sight on the market, plus offers natural vibration reduction — a killer combination that keeps important shots on target and archers at the top of the food chain.

The AXT Carbon Carnivore C4 is carefully machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum, for the ultimate in craftsmanship and precision. It is then banded with 100 percent 3K carbon fiber on the bracket and two-inch sight housing. It is this innovative design that gives the Carbon Carnivore C4 its precise targeting capabilities other manufacturers envy.

However, lesser known, but to greater advantage for archers is carbonʼs natural ability to reduce vibration. The Carbon Carnivore C4ʼs natural vibration reduction is enhanced with the addition of AXTʼs Vibration Absorbing Coat. The V.A.C. provides a thin, clear layer of rubber that dampens small amounts of vibration for a quieter and smoother shot.

The 3K C.B.R. (Carbon Bracket Ridge) houses the four .019” Ultra Super-Flex fiber-optic pins. Each pin provides a clear and bright aim point for eyes of all ages (and in any light) thanks to AXTʼs F.H. (Fiber Harness) technology. The F.H. technology incorporates 11 inches of fiber optics to channel an ample amount of light to the end of the pin without creating a halo effect that would hinder precision aiming on the range or in the field.

While fiber optics are the Achillesʼ heel of many sights, the AXT Carbon Carnivore C4 is constructed with C.C.P. Center Core Pins, which are crafted from stainless steel tubes that house the fiber optic and provide the strength and reliability necessary for the most demanding back country bow hunts. The design of the AXT Carbon Carnivore C4 also ensures an absolute-zero pin gap that guarantees it will handle any speed bow, whether it was produced yesterday, today or anything the industry may envision for the future.

Whether you are set to shoot the tournament winning arrow or the shot of a lifetime at a monster buck, the Carbon Carnivore C4 from AXT will be ready no matter the conditions or terrain. The Carbon Carnivore C4 reversible bracket design ensures the bubble level will always be visible. However, visibility is only worthwhile with accuracy and the Carbon Carnivore C4 excels in this category by offering both 2nd and 3rd axis leveling adjustments.

Other stand out features that make the AXT Carbon Carnivore C4 rise above the competition include the RH/LH reversing bracket, rear LED deployment, laser marking for both windage and elevation and a full lifetime warranty. The AXT Carbon Carnivore C4 is available in Blackout Carbon to complement any bow while remaining practically invisible to prey during the hunt.

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Easton Introduces the New Low-Profile Carbon HEXX Arrow

April 18, 2013

Easton Introduces the New Low-Profile Carbon HEXX Arrow

Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment introduces the Carbon HEXX arrow for 2013.

The new HEXX is the ultimate lightweight, high-speed arrow that features the tightest tolerances of any all-carbon arrow ever produced by Easton. HEXX combines a reduced 6mm outside diameter with cutting-edge lightweight carbon that gives the bowhunter and 3D archer a perfect blend of flat shooting, friction-reduced penetration, and higher factory precision for more accurate shooting. Brass inserts are available to boost front-of-center broadhead accuracy. All combined, Carbon HEXX is the perfect arrow for a hard-core, speed-seeking bowhunter looking to take out all the stops and shoot the best equipment available today.

The HEXX comes with pre-installed H Nocks and includes Microlite H inserts to give archers flatter shooting deep big game penetration. For the highest accuracy level, Easton straightens HEXX to within ±.001″. Available at Easton archery dealers nationwide. For information visit

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Why Protect Your Ears on the Range and Not in the Woods?

April 11, 2013

The new Mossy Oak Break-Up Low Profile E-max hearing protection combines a low profile earcup that’s ideal for hunters, shotgun shooters and action shooters with a great camo pattern that will blend in with any outdoor environment.

The two microphones in the E-Max amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which includes normal communication, range commands and environmental noise. With one microphone in each ear, its gives the user a true stereo sound and allows the user to identify the directional source of a sound. Any noise above 85 decibels, the microphones instantly shut off to protect the shooters hearing.

  • Padded Adjustable Headband
  • Cushioned Foam Earcups
  • Volume Control
  • Audio input jack plays your MP3 music
  • Folds Compact
  • Speakers shut down at noise levels above 85db.
  • 23 NRR (Noise reduction rating)

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MidwayUSA Promotes Ryan Fischer to Merchandising Manager

March 14, 2013

MidwayUSA Promotes Ryan Fischer to Merchandising Manager

MidwayUSA is excited to announce the promotion of Ryan Fischer to Merchandising Manager. A former Gunsmithing Product Line Manager for MidwayUSA, Fischer most recently served as GunTec Manager. In that role, Fischer was responsible for the management and oversight of MidwayUSA’s video assets. He worked extensively with Founder and CEO Larry Potterfield to produce video content for DVDs, television shows and

“MidwayUSA strongly believes in promoting from within,” said Vice President of Merchandising Jeff Larkin. “Ryan has proven to be a significant asset in several key areas of the business, and we’re excited to have him on board as a new Merchandising Manager.”

In his new role, Fischer will lead a team of Product Line Managers in the management of the Shooting, Reloading/Ammunition and Gunsmithing product lines.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to re-join the merchandising team. Being part of MidwayUSA’s unprecedented growth over the last several years has allowed me to experience multiple areas of the business,” said Fischer. “Bringing that experience to this department in my new role as Merchandising Manager will be rewarding as we work toward our number one goal of Customer satisfaction.”

Fischer is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BS/BA in Finance. He is an avid gunsmith, shooter and hunter, as well as an NRA Life Member.

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Bowstix Introduces the New Fully Adjustable Bow Bipod

March 11, 2013

Bowstix Introduces the New Fully Adjustable Bow Bipod

Bowstix fully adjustable bow bipod is the must-have archery accessory of 2013

Wanna B Outdoors, the originators of the new and wildly popular Made in the USA, Bowstix Bow Bipod, is pleased to announce the release of the all-new fully adjustable bow bipod engineered and specifically designed for both archery hunters and competitive target shooters.

Bowstix are the ultimate solution for properly resting your bow at a tournament or while bowhunting in a ground blind. There’s no need to lie down your expensive bow on its side or scratch the limbs with other bow stands. Bowstix is a fully adjustable bow bipod that fits every major bow on the market. It works by screwing into your stabilizer mount on your bow and operates on a spear system that enables unlimited movement for a fully customized fit.

You also have the ability to mount a stabilizer on the end of the Bowstix. This design allows you to shoot with the legs on, and when they are not needed; you can unscrew the legs from the mount and then screw the legs together and place conveniently in your quiver.

Bowstix are great for turkey hunting, elk hunting, deer hunting, 3D shoots and more. The Bowstix bow bipod can be used while shooting and utilized with or without your current stabilizer. Bowstix are completely adjustable and built from fully machined aluminum, weighing a mere 3.6oz. Bowstix are black and red anodize with Duro-Nitrile rubber grommets.

Bowstix Bow Bipod Featured Benefits

  • Eliminates dirt build-up on your string, cam, and limb pockets.
  • Hands-free hunting.
  • Avoid having your bow stepped on.
  • Nocked arrow always in the ready position.
  • Shoot with legs on or off.
  • Use with or without your old stabilizer.

Whether you are a hardcore big game hunter or simply a backyard-shooting enthusiast – there’s no better archery accessory on the market than the Bow Bipod by Bowstix.

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Bowstix Selects Maxima Media as Marketing Agency of Choice

February 28, 2013

Bowstix Selects Maxima Media as Marketing Agency of Choice

Bowstix partners with Maxima Media for marketing communications

Maxima Media, the outdoor industry’s most cutting-edge full-service agency, and creators of the Hyper-Communication Network™ mastering today’s social and digital media solutions is pleased to announce its selection by Bowstix.

“We are extremely pleased that Bowstix chose our agency to represent them with their marketing and advertising efforts,” said Collin Cottrell, President of Maxima Media. “Each client under the Maxima Media umbrella is considered a member of our family. We take great pride in building new and existing brands with a long-term vision of success. Our team is more than eager to start launching marketing communications with Bowstix.”

“Since 2010, when Bowstix was formed, we’ve focused on building very high quality American made products that greatly help archers in the field and on the range,” said Dustin Arndt, President of Wanna B Outdoors. “Our team is excited to continue engineering premiere products that push the innovative envelope in the world of archery. We look to Maxima Media for increasing our awareness and catapulting Bowstix into the marketplace.”

Headquartered in Friendship, WI, Maxima Media’s client base includes the archery, shooting sports, outdoor television, and travel industries. They are most known for their proof of performance and result-based social media marketing tactics that blends traditional and non-traditional adverting.

Other than social media marketing, Maxima Media also specializes in all marketing communications consisting of public relations, email marketing, Internet marketing,
design-branding, media planning and video production.

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