This Week on MOJO TV – Byron South Goes North

May 16, 2014


Byron South takes his MOJO Double Trouble E caller and heads to Montana to meet up with friend John Way for a few days of Predator Hunting. Armed with an AR15, Byron will do his best to thin out the heavily populated coyotes around Enis, Montana. The new episode, “BYRON SOUTH GOES NORTH," will premiere this Saturday (5/17) at 6/5c on the Sportsman Channel....

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The Leopard Attack That Saved a Hunter’s Life

May 6, 2014

Dallas Safari Club life-member Larry Bucher's mauling by a wounded leopard is a testament to the reality of the danger that lures many to the Dark Continent—and the profound and unintended effects experiences in the outdoors can have on individuals. Artwork by Kobus Moller.

It’s not something Larry Bucher likes to talk about. In the years since he survived the violent attack of a wounded leopard, Bucher has shunned repeated interview requests from safari hunting’s media luminaries. But his reluctance to talk had nothing to do with emotional scars or psychological trauma. It’s because he was embarrassed---genuinely embarrassed. Embarrassed, the Dallas Safari Club life-member and convention regular explained, because he knew better. Embarrassed because he had already been on 28 African safaris. Embarrassed because he had successfully hunted every...

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The BAREBOW! Chronicles: A Montana Chipmunk

April 30, 2014


It was more than eight years after the harvest of my first cougar before I again found myself under a tree with a lion in it. The planning for the hunt began in Traverse City, Michigan at the April 1995 Pope & Young Convention. Montana outfitter Mike Parsons (Crow Creek Outfitters) had most generously donated a cougar hunt to the Club’s biennial fundraising Conservation Auction. For reasons I no longer recall, I found it necessary to reschedule the hunt for one year later, but sometime around December 10, 1996, I arrived one evening at Mike’s ranch, not far south of Helena, with high...

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Not So Rimfire Anymore: 17 WSM AR-15 Given Dramatic Upgrade

April 23, 2014

Quality AR style rifle producer Franklin Armory announcing a quality upgrade to their upcoming AR chambered in 17 WSM.

Franklin Armory, maker of quality AR style firearms, announced today that their F 17-L chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum will now include a piston system. Franklin Armory first introduced the F 17-L as the world’s first direct impingement rimfire rifle chambered in .17 WSM at SHOW 2014. The reception of the rifle was positive with a lot of interest especially from varmint hunters and individuals from California where this firearm would negate the need of a “Bullet Button™.” “While the piston system does add cost to the project,...

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The BAREBOW! Chronicles: A Washington Tom

April 15, 2014


Chapter 14 in Colonel Craig Boddington’s outstanding book, Fair Chase in North America, is titled, “The Great North American Cat”. His first sentence reads as follows: The cougar is America’s most misunderstood game animal. It is a statement with which I wholeheartedly concur. Known variously as a catamount, puma, panther, painter, or mountain lion, the cougar---much like the polar bear---has in recent years been made into an iconic symbol of our vanishing wilderness: portrayed as a noble creature fighting to survive the destruction we humans have visited upon its...

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Bass Pro Shops Pursuit X1 Predator Light Kit Turns Night Stalkers into Prey

April 7, 2014

The Pursuit X1 Predator Light Kit

Bass Pro Shops Pursuit X1 Predator Light Kit levels the playing field between you and predators stalking the night. In the dark, you are the prey. Cut loose with 180 lumens of blackness slicing illumination and instantly you are the alpha predator.  Whether your game is hogs, coyotes, raccoons or other night stalkers, the Pursuit® X1™ Predator Light provides precision illumination where you want it when you need it. Delivered as a complete package, the kit easily and quickly mounts to your...

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American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) Signs on for 2014 / 2015 Predator Nation Broadcast Season

April 2, 2014

Fred Eichler, Host of Predator Nation.

American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision, thermal and smart HD optics applications, has signed on as the exclusive sponsor of night vision and thermal vision optics for the 2014 / 2015 broadcast season of Predator Nation, hosted by avid hunter, guide and trapper Fred Eichler. Predator Nation is aired on The...

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Wild TV’s Series “FLATLINERS” New Season Premieres on March 31

March 26, 2014

FLATLINERS hosts, Brice Folden and Dan Forty.

FLATLINERS, one of Wild TV’s top-rated outdoor shows, returns with an all new season Monday, March 31 at 11 p.m. ET. This season takes viewers to the remote regions of Namibia, Africa showcasing the Himba tribe, and their isolated environment that will captivate viewers. During each half-hour episode, FLATLINERS hosts, Brice Folden and Dan Forty travel the world hunting dangerous and challenging animals. Throughout this season, Folden and Forty show outdoor enthusiasts how to hunt for the biggest game, when you have Mother Nature fighting against you. “Last season is nothing compared...

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Dogging Yotes: Using Man’s Best Friend to Hunt Coyotes

March 19, 2014

Hunting coyotes with dogs is flat-out enjoyable! Just remember that it takes snow, several hunters, and permission to hunt lots of ground to get started. Image copyright iStockPhoto/thejack.

There are several ways to hunt coyotes. Calling them in is always an exciting and rewarding way to pursue them, yet it can sometimes humble even the savviest of hunters---let alone those that are new to the sport. Baiting them, where it is legal to do so, is another viable and productive option. This usually requires you to place the bait somewhere you can be within sight of most of the time. Then there is running them with dogs, which can be a very effective way to get the job done to do your part to help protect fawns and small game. Coyote hunting fills a void during our coldest months...

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Bobcats and Coyotes: Most Wanted Predators

February 19, 2014

Bobcats and coyotes: two of ScentBlocker Most Wanted's high-profile targets.

For years I’ve had a bobcat on my "most wanted" list! I’ve seen them in Illinois, but there is no season so I could never take the shot. While hunting a few weeks ago in Alabama, I saw some bobcat tracks on the way out of my deer stand. Just a year before I had a chance to shoot a bobcat from the same deer stand, but when the opportunity came I wasn't sure that the season was even in, so I had to pass. This year I made certain the season was in and after seeing the tracks, my "most wanted" went from a buck to a bobcat! I even told my cameraman that I'd take a shot if the chance arose,...

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