Thompson/Center Arms Offers Fall Rebate for Bolt-Action and Muzzleloader Rifles

September 12, 2012

Thompson/Center Arms Offers Fall Rebate for Bolt-Action and Muzzleloader Rifles

Mail-in Rebates Available for T/C Venture Rifle and Triumph Bone Collector Muzzleloader 

Thompson/Center Arms announced today that it will offer a fall rebate program on two of the manufacturer’s best-known models – the MOA guaranteed T/C Venture bolt-action rifle and the Triumph Bone Collector muzzleloader.  The mail-in rebate program will be available to consumers who purchase any new T/C Venture or Triumph Bone Collector model from September 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012 in the United States or Canada.

During the fall promotion, shooting sports enthusiasts who purchase one of the qualified rifles will be eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate.  Just in time for the fall hunting season, the new rebate program will allow sportsmen and women to select from one of 16 different calibers in the Venture lineup or one of the two top-of-the-line Triumph Bone Collector muzzleloaders. Delivering consistent performance and reliability in the field, both platforms have earned the trust of hunters across the country.

Made in America and backed by Thompson/Center’s lifetime warranty, the T/C Venture and Triumph Bone Collector muzzleloaders provide consumers an affordable, value-packed hunting rifle.

For more information about the fall rebates and to learn how to qualify visit

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Becoming An Outdoor Woman Event to be Held at South Dakota’s Lake Poinsett

August 30, 2012

Becoming An Outdoor Woman Event To Be Held At South Dakota’s Lake Poinsett

Ladies, have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a muzzleloader? Field dress a deer? Catch and cook a walleye? Hunt waterfowl, deer, and turkeys? Paddle a kayak?

If so, the South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” weekend is for you!

The workshop on Sept. 14-15 at Lake Poinsett focuses on learning outdoor skills usually associated with hunting and fishing but useful for many outdoor pursuits. Designed primarily for women, it is an opportunity for anyone 18 years of age or older to get “hands on” experience in the outdoors.

Class listing and registration information on “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” can be found at

For more information, contact GFP Education Coordinator Maggie Lindsey at

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NRA Shooter at Muzzle Loading Championships

June 17, 2012

NRA Shooter at Muzzle Loading Championships

Friendship, Indiana - Yesterday on the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s skeet field, we were lucky enough to run into none other than NRA’s Indiana Field Representative John Crone.

Initially he blended in as just one of the guys. Just one of the many shooters here at the match. But soon enough we came to realize that this was a many we’ve met at a number of NRA events.

After finishing the last flight of clays, he left the firing line to clean his shotguns. I took the opportunity to go over and check on his progress.

Crone is a big fan of muzzle loading. In fact, he has been coming out to the NMLRA matches for about 10 years. Expect last year. Events beyond his control took him away from the sport that he loves so.

“I was gone for eighteen months in Iraq and I’m back at it,” Crone told me with a smile. “I’m out here and I’m making noise.”

He had shot well, but others had shot better. The Spring Shoot brings out some extremely talented marksmen.

When I brought up next week’s Field Operations Division Annual Planning Meeting, Crone said he was excited, but also had some fighting words for some of his co-workers – listen up, Field Reps.

“We’re going to be shooting cartridge next week; sporting clays with the field reps,” he said. “It’s not going to be pretty. Our region is smoking. Midwest shoots shotgun.”

Beware non-midwest Reps, the gauntlet has been throw down. Are any of you going to make these guys put their money where their mouth is this week? It’s not too late for some last minute practice.

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CVA Introduces the ACCURA Mountain Rifle Muzzleloader

March 16, 2012

CVA Introduces the ACCURA Mountain Rifle Muzzleloader

CVA has introduced a new ACCURA MR into its ACCURA family of premium muzzleloading rifles. The MR, which stands for “Mountain Rifle,” joins the ACCURA V2 models, which are already among the most popular top-of-the-line muzzleloaders on the market today — being particularly known for the extreme accuracy of their Bergara barrels.

According to Dudley McGarity, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., owner of the CVA brand, the ACCURA MR is the result of collaboration among the company’s Pro-Staff members. “We asked them to design the ideal all-around gun for the extreme conditions under which they hunt, and this is what they came up with,” he said.

For sure, as the cosmetics of the rifle imply and the first shouldering will confirm, the ACCURA MR is a “hunter designed gun.” The action-style and stock design were borrowed from the CVA APEX, which is CVA’s muzzleloading/center-fire interchangeable model. However, the weight of the gun, at just 6.35 pounds, is over a full pound lighter than the APEX – this due to the use of an aluminum rather than steel frame. This weight advantage, combined with the compact 25″ barrel, make the ACCURA MR much more maneuverable than any of the other high dollar smoke poles — with a fit and ease of target acquisition that reminiscent of a custom made rifle.

McGarity says that all of the features that made the ACCURA V2 famous are also found in the ACCURA MR – Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), Trigger Guard Actuated Breeching Action, Bergara Barrel, Neutral Center of Gravity Trigger, premium SoftTouch stock with rubber grip panels – but that several more have been added that really put the ACCURA MR in a class by itself. Most noticeable is the WeatherGuard™ barrel finish which is applied over the exterior of the 416 grade stainless steel Bergara barrel. This, McGarity stated, is a major difference between the ACCURA MR and competitors models that also feature weather resistant barrel finishes – those being carbon steel barrels rather than stainless steel. The gun is available in either Realtree Max-1 or black stock finishes – and each comes with a matching Quake Claw Sling. Plus, the DuraSight Dead-On scope mount is included – making for quick and easy scope mounting. And lastly, CVA’s new Palm Saver Ramrod is also standard.

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