Lars Andersen, the Fastest Archer in the World, is Back with a New Video

January 23, 2015

Lars Andersen pulls off some impressive stunts in his newest video.

The use of quivers, sights, and a secure stance make up the foundation of modern archery. They're nonsense, says Lars Andersen, the world’s fastest archer, and he’s back with a new video highlighting incredibly cool tricks to make people rethink how they perceive the bow and arrow. Don’t try them at home, Lars filmed them in a controlled setting with professionals. Viewed almost four million times, Lars’ first video from over two years ago became a...

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Mississippi Lawmakers Propose Venison Harvesting Program to Feed Inmates

January 22, 2015

Want to donate your venison? Mississippi hunters may soon be able to donate their extra deer meat to correctional facilities.

Lawmakers in The Magnolia State have introduced an ambitious bill that seeks to solve two problems at once: manage the state's burgeoning deer population and provide sustainable, nutritious food to inmates that will not break taxpayers' wallets. House Bill 397, or the "Venison Harvesting Program for Inmate Consumption," would allow correctional facilities to accept and process deer meat. Resident hunters will also be able to donate their harvests, either processed or not, directly to prisons. "This would allow state, municipal, county...

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Video: Tangled Bucks Separated by Chainsaw

January 22, 2015


Finding a pair of antler-locked bucks is often a somber experience. Much of the time, tangled antlers can mean a death sentence for both deer, yet is not uncommon for one of the bucks to soldier on long after the other one perished. Suffering from hunger and exhaustion, the survivor will have to carry the weight of its defeated rival while escaping the attentions of opportunistic predators. There have been cases where bucks were found carrying little more than an extra set of racks after coyotes...

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Nebraska Cancels 2015 Mountain Lion Hunt

January 22, 2015

Nebraska wildlife officials announced that there will be no mountain lion season this year, due in part to a high number of females killed in 2014.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission announced last week that there will be no mountain lion season for 2015, and will instead pursue a new three-year study on the state’s big cats. Commission director Jim Douglass told The Lincoln Journal Star that more study on the state’s cougar population will help officials make decisions on how to manage the species. “It doesn’t mean that we will not have a season during the three-year...

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A Case of Mistaken Identity Earns One Boy a Free Hunting Trip

January 20, 2015

Sheriff Carolyn Welsh of Chester County, PA (left) and Sheriff Alex Underwood of Chester County, SC (right) stand smiling over Alex Collins (center) on his first hunting trip.

// Post by Carolyn Bunny Welsh. Sometimes even mistakes can lead to good things. Two sheriffs in Pennsylvania and South Carolina have teamed up to send one 9-year-old boy on his first hunting trip, and it all began as a misunderstanding. According to the Charlotte Observer, the story began with...

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It’s Time to Set Your Sights on Spring Turkey Hunting

January 18, 2015


It’s later than you think! Now that we're on the downhill side of January, it’s time to start getting ready for turkey hunting. For those lucky enough to have hunts planned in the Deep South, opening day is just a couple months away. If you’re looking at a new rig for turkey hunting or modifying Ol’ Bessy to take full advantage of the best new shotshells, now’s the time to get after it! Research, acquisition, testing with time to make changes---come to think of it, we may already be running late, especially if you’re going to add sights to your turkey hunting...

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The 7 Largest Big Game Rifle Cartidges

January 18, 2015

These big game cartridges epitomize the philosophy of the one-shot kill. On the left is a .500 Nitro Express cartridge and bullet, on the right is the .600 Overkill.

One popular subject of debate among hunters is which cartridge is best for a specific game species. Usually a hunter's choice is dependent upon personal preference and whether or not a round can humanely kill an animal. However, there are some cartridges so intimidatingly large that the guns they are used in are simply referred to as "stopping rifles." These firearms shoot projectiles designed to stop a wild animal in its charge with a single bullet. If there were such a thing as huge game calibers, the seven cartridges listed below would qualify. 1. .577 Snider This British black...

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Should You Feed Deer in the Winter?

January 16, 2015

Recreational deer feeding can provide entertainment and benefit the deer, but it can do more harm than good in some cases. What and when you feed and where you put it can have a significant impact on how much good or bad it causes.

Providing supplemental feed to deer in the winter is controversial and illegal in some states, but other states encourage and even help fund it. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of winter feeding. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has often been opposed to recreational deer feeding. With the increased risk of chronic wasting disease (CWD) and other disease transmissions, there have been discussions about banning it. The winter of 2014 was very difficult for the deer of northern Minnesota. Deep snow and cold temperatures created conditions in which predators...

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7 More Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Were Hunters

January 13, 2015

Kid Rock performing at the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis in 2013. Image from Nightshooter in the Wikimedia commons.

To many people, hunting is more than just recreation---it is a family tradition, a part of their heritage, and a way to both put food on the table as well as ensure the future of America's wildlife. Little of this changes just because you're famous, yet celebrities bear the brunt of public scrutiny. Other people stand up and take notice, whether they be fans, critics, or even animal rights groups that have a bone to pick. This is why it is important that famous hunters, whether they're politicians or movie stars, defend their right to hunt. In doing so, they show that hunting is not something...

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What’s the Best Draw Weight for a Bow?

January 12, 2015

Some hunters assume that a heavier draw weight is always better--that's not necessarily the case.

One of the biggest decisions to make when you are shopping for a new bow is what draw weight the bow should have. Most people, myself included, overdo it for what they are actually hunting. Is this a bad thing? Not really. But when talking to new and old archers alike, I have had way too many conversations where they think they need the heaviest bow on the market because that’s what their buddy or some “pro” on TV has---and that’s simply not true. There are some facts that can’t be ignored, however. Draw weight is an important factor when it comes to speed and kinetic energy. If...

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