A Holiday Wish List for the Huntress

November 20, 2014

The Badlands Kali backpack in the field. Photo courtesy of Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer.

Don’t know what to gift the huntress in your life this holiday season? Have no fear, below is a list of eight huntress-approved gift ideas for the outdoorswoman. Próis Hunting & Field Apparel Archtach Down Jacket - $400 A recent addition to the stellar lineup at Próis (hunting clothing made by women, for women), the Archtach Down Jacket is sure to please the huntress on your Christmas list. The jacket features 100 percent microfiber Ripstop fabric with durable weather resistance, 800 fill gray goose...

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The 10 Best Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for an Outdoorsman

November 20, 2014

The Outdoor Edge game processing kit.

Crisp, cold weather and the beginning of the hunting season signal the start of the holidays. Christmas is our favorite holiday, and Cabela’s is where we search to find those distinctive outdoor gifts for our friends and loved ones. No matter what outdoor pastime you or your family are interested in, they have it at Cabela’s. Here are some great gift ideas that are certain to warm their hearts and make them smile this holiday season. Check back here often for special holiday pricing and more great deals!

Cabela’s Commercial Grade Dehydrator $360--520 You can dehydrate...

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Make Your Hunter Happy This Holiday Season with These Gifts

November 14, 2014

'A Grand Entrace' by Dallen Lambson. Image courtesy Dallen Lambson.

You probably have a hunter in the family who seems to have everything. Well, either that or you are the hunter in the family who seems to have everything. Christmas lists can be a challenge but we have some suggestions, at least some of which you haven’t thought of before. Have a look. Nikon Aculon Rangefinder - $169 Rangefinders have always been a little too big to put in a pocket, but Nikon has solved that problem with their new palm-sized rangefinder. They have reduced the size of the unit...

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Inside Bohning Archery: One of the Biggest Names in Bowhunting

October 22, 2014

The Bohning Company has been part of the Lake City, Michigan community since forming in 1946. As it has grown, it has stayed tucked back into the woods and true to its traditions.

To truly be innovative, you look at a need and devise a way to fill that need through a path that hasn't been taken before. In modern archery's infancy, bowhunters and shooters were left to their own devices to construct and maintain their own equipment. Rollin Bohning, a research chemist by trade and a serious bowhunting enthusiast, wasn't happy with the available materials used to bond broadheads to arrow shafts. His solution was to develop a new cement for that exact purpose and in 1946, the Bohning Company was formed. When I sat down...

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7 Upland Essentials for Female Hunters

October 8, 2014

If you're going grousing, pheasant hunting, or pursuing any other upland bird, consider these seven gear essentials. Image by Britney Starr.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at upland hunting, there are a few gear essentials that will make your time afield comfortable and enjoyable. Below are my recommendations for basic women’s upland gear. 1. Blaze orange hat Wearing blaze orange while upland hunting is an important safety aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Be sure to check your state’s regulations for specifics on how much blaze orange is required by law. I’m a believer in the “more is better” mind-set when it comes to orange, especially if you’re hunting in thick cover during the early part of the...

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Suppressor-ready Hunting Rifles Becoming the Norm

September 30, 2014

In stark contrast to just under a decade ago, gun manufacturers are offering more and more hunting rifles that readily accept suppressors.

Twenty years ago if you wanted to mount a noise-moderating suppressor on your hunting rifle, it meant a trip to a machine shop and a long explanation. Now, manufacturers from Ruger to Marlin are cranking out standard offerings aimed at sportsmen and target shooters alike that are set up from the factory to accept your favorite screw-on “can” of choice. Problems of yesteryear In the 1930s silencers, and any other device meant to muffle the sound of a firearm were lumped in under the National Firearms Act (NFA) as Title II weapons, along with short-barreled rifles and shotguns, machine...

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Manage Your Hunting Land with the Tip of a Finger with HuntStand

September 25, 2014

The HuntStand Lite app lets you create an interactive overlay of your property using several different tools.

I really enjoy incorporating technological advancements with outdoor pursuits like hunting. I frequently try to "disconnect," but I keep getting pulled back in. One such tech tool that I’ve been enjoying is the new HuntStand Lite app for smartphones and tablets from the folks at TerraStride. What’s in the box? The app uses GPS data, along with sophisticated mapping programs, weather data, and satellite images to create an interactive overlay of your property. I’ve seen programs that let you use those...

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Don’t Leave for a DIY Hunt Without These 10 Essentials

September 25, 2014

Treestand equipment that is easy to get into the woods and set up is critically important to the mobile hunter. Climbing sticks like these from Hawk Hunting are light and sturdy.

If you are headed off on a DIY deer hunt away from home, there are a few simple things that can make or break your success. Here are 10 you may not have thought of. An hour after sunrise in a Kansas hot spot, I was flooded with optimism. I heard a deer walking through the leaves towards me and quickly grabbed my bow off the hanger. As I clipped my release to the string loop, I heard a mysterious clink on my treestand platform, but I didn’t know what caused the noise until I put a little pressure on the string. The release came apart. The strap was around my wrist but...

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New SilencerCo Infographic Explains How Firearm Silencers Work

September 24, 2014

sco info

SilencerCo is well-known for their creative methods of marketing and educating the public about the firearm suppressors they sell. Their latest effort is a sleek animated infographic explaining the science and technology behind the devices and their benefits, along with some facts about guns and silencers in the United States. Check it out below.



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How to Choose the Right Treestand for Your Hunting Needs

September 22, 2014

Hang-on stands are the most popular type of treestand because they allow you to ascend a tree quickly and quietly.

There are several styles of treestand to choose from. Picking the right stand for the situation will make your hunt more comfortable and productive. I have been fortunate to hunt in many states. Each fall, I travel to two to four states to bowhunt whitetails with a load of equipment in the back of my truck. Some of the most important equipment, of course, is a treestand and attendant climbing gear. Going to a new area can present a hunter with some unforeseen obstacles when it comes to get perched in the right tree, and I admit I have found myself unprepared on occasion. Take my...

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