Suppressor-ready Hunting Rifles Becoming the Norm

September 30, 2014

In stark contrast to just under a decade ago, gun manufacturers are offering more and more hunting rifles that readily accept suppressors.

Twenty years ago if you wanted to mount a noise-moderating suppressor on your hunting rifle, it meant a trip to a machine shop and a long explanation. Now, manufacturers from Ruger to Marlin are cranking out standard offerings aimed at sportsmen and target shooters alike that are set up from the factory to accept your favorite screw-on “can” of choice. Problems of yesteryear In the 1930s silencers, and any other device meant to muffle the sound of a firearm were lumped in under the National Firearms Act (NFA) as Title II weapons, along with short-barreled rifles and shotguns, machine...

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Manage Your Hunting Land with the Tip of a Finger with HuntStand

September 25, 2014

The HuntStand Lite app lets you create an interactive overlay of your property using several different tools.

I really enjoy incorporating technological advancements with outdoor pursuits like hunting. I frequently try to "disconnect," but I keep getting pulled back in. One such tech tool that I’ve been enjoying is the new HuntStand Lite app for smartphones and tablets from the folks at TerraStride. What’s in the box? The app uses GPS data, along with sophisticated mapping programs, weather data, and satellite images to create an interactive overlay of your property. I’ve seen programs that let you use those...

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Don’t Leave for a DIY Hunt Without These 10 Essentials

September 25, 2014

Treestand equipment that is easy to get into the woods and set up is critically important to the mobile hunter. Climbing sticks like these from Hawk Hunting are light and sturdy.

If you are headed off on a DIY deer hunt away from home, there are a few simple things that can make or break your success. Here are 10 you may not have thought of. An hour after sunrise in a Kansas hot spot, I was flooded with optimism. I heard a deer walking through the leaves towards me and quickly grabbed my bow off the hanger. As I clipped my release to the string loop, I heard a mysterious clink on my treestand platform, but I didn’t know what caused the noise until I put a little pressure on the string. The release came apart. The strap was around my wrist but...

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New SilencerCo Infographic Explains How Firearm Silencers Work

September 24, 2014

sco info

SilencerCo is well-known for their creative methods of marketing and educating the public about the firearm suppressors they sell. Their latest effort is a sleek animated infographic explaining the science and technology behind the devices and their benefits, along with some facts about guns and silencers in the United States. Check it out below.



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How to Choose the Right Treestand for Your Hunting Needs

September 22, 2014

Hang-on stands are the most popular type of treestand because they allow you to ascend a tree quickly and quietly.

There are several styles of treestand to choose from. Picking the right stand for the situation will make your hunt more comfortable and productive. I have been fortunate to hunt in many states. Each fall, I travel to two to four states to bowhunt whitetails with a load of equipment in the back of my truck. Some of the most important equipment, of course, is a treestand and attendant climbing gear. Going to a new area can present a hunter with some unforeseen obstacles when it comes to get perched in the right tree, and I admit I have found myself unprepared on occasion. Take my...

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Iowa Man Creates “Water Walker” to Help Duck Hunters Stay Mobile

September 17, 2014

The Mudbob Water Walker is not just a boat for dogs, it can also make wading through muddy waters easier for hunters.

Duck hunters let very few things stand between them and hunting season, so when Robert Axtell found himself confined at home due to a knee injury and his upcoming surgery, he decided to take matters in his own hands. The 56-year-old resident of Muscatine, Iowa describes himself as an addict of the outdoors. His ailment meant that taking the trip out to the marshes was a challenging proposition. "I knew if my knee was hurting me on solid ground, it was going to be excruciating trying to pull my leg out the mud with every step while I was hunting, but I didn’t want to miss a day of my...

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11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Turkey Vest

September 5, 2014

Sure, turkey hunting is easier when you've got a nice vest. But what else can you do with a premium piece of gobbler-chasing kit?

I wanted to get a new detachable-seat turkey vest, but they were expensive---about a hundred bucks. My spouse was shopping with me at the big box, outdoor-specialty store when I grabbed it off the peg. I knew I had a sales job for the early spring purchase. “It will work great,” I said. “The seat pops down for a quick and easy spot to sit in the woods, and look at all the pockets in here to carry everything.” Hubby scowled. “I can think of a dozen uses for this; I think I’ll get it,” I replied to his skepticism. Little did he know the turkey vest would work so hard...

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Energy for Hunters: HuntNdurance

August 11, 2014

The author, left, and Brennan Waller found this big whitetail set while hunting bears in Montana's backcountry.

As we walked through the aisles at the International Sportsman’s Expo (ISE) this year, we checked out the latest and greatest products coming to market. Jana and I had traveled from Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet and greet the thousands of ISE attendees at the Sportsman Channel’s booth. Over the three-day event we visited with many manufacturers, who had the latest gadgets they were bringing to market. Halfway into the show we were headed to grab a bite to eat when we came upon a vendor that had a super-cool display featuring new energy drinks, bars, and shots. We were both...

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Portable Power Products for Outdoorsmen Are Better Than Ever

August 5, 2014

The portable power products available to outdoorsmen and women these days are quite impressive, like this Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap 250. Image courtesy Bushnell.

Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have considered carrying a cell phone with me in the wilderness or out on the water. Certainly, having a computer along, even a laptop, was laughable. Where would the power come from? How could the (heavy) batteries be transported? Why in the world would I need (or want) to have electronics in the field? Ah, as Bob Dylan wrote and sang way back in the early '60s, “The times, they are a-changin’.” ...

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Atomos Gear Helps Capture New App Offer for RMEF Members

July 22, 2014

The Atomos Ninja Blade in action at the RMEF/onXmaps shoot.

There was a buzz in the air at this year's National Association of Broadcasters show surrounding affordable 4K cameras from manufactures like AJA, Black Magic, Sony, and Panasonic. While crawling the floor for the latest equipment I came across a crowd gathered around a booth called "Atomos." After gawking at all their products for several minutes, I caught up with Will Thompson, Atomos' business development manager. Will and I talked about how their devices can bypass the highly compressed files that would normally be captured in camera and record the camera signal straight to a hard drive...

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