Energy for Hunters: HuntNdurance

August 11, 2014

The author, left, and Brennan Waller found this big whitetail set while hunting bears in Montana's backcountry.

As we walked through the aisles at the International Sportsman’s Expo (ISE) this year, we checked out the latest and greatest products coming to market. Jana and I had traveled from Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet and greet the thousands of ISE attendees at the Sportsman Channel’s booth. Over the three-day event we visited with many manufacturers, who had the latest gadgets they were bringing to market. Halfway into the show we were headed to grab a bite to eat when we came upon a vendor that had a super-cool display featuring new energy drinks, bars, and shots. We were both...

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Portable Power Products for Outdoorsmen Are Better Than Ever

August 5, 2014

The portable power products available to outdoorsmen and women these days are quite impressive, like this Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap 250. Image courtesy Bushnell.

Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have considered carrying a cell phone with me in the wilderness or out on the water. Certainly, having a computer along, even a laptop, was laughable. Where would the power come from? How could the (heavy) batteries be transported? Why in the world would I need (or want) to have electronics in the field? Ah, as Bob Dylan wrote and sang way back in the early '60s, “The times, they are a-changin’.” ...

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Atomos Gear Helps Capture New App Offer for RMEF Members

July 22, 2014

The Atomos Ninja Blade in action at the RMEF/onXmaps shoot.

There was a buzz in the air at this year's National Association of Broadcasters show surrounding affordable 4K cameras from manufactures like AJA, Black Magic, Sony, and Panasonic. While crawling the floor for the latest equipment I came across a crowd gathered around a booth called "Atomos." After gawking at all their products for several minutes, I caught up with Will Thompson, Atomos' business development manager. Will and I talked about how their devices can bypass the highly compressed files that would normally be captured in camera and record the camera signal straight to a hard drive...

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New Mexico Bans Use of Drones in Hunting

July 2, 2014

New Mexico becomes the fourth state to ban drones for use in hunting.

Last Thursday the New Mexico Game Commission voted 5-1 to prohibit the use of drones in harassing wildlife or assisting in the harvest of game animals. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are seen by many in the hunting community as an unfair advantage and a violation of fair chase ethics. Colorado led the charge to ban drone use for hunting when it outlawed the practice earlier this year, causing other states to consider similar regulations. Alaska and Montana quickly followed suit. Although it is not known exactly how many hunters use drones to scout or track game animals, hunters in New...

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Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. Offers Mark XIX Desert Eagle in Burnt Bronze

June 16, 2014

Bill Hicks & Co. logo

Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd., a full-line distributor for the hunting and shooting sports industries, is pleased to announce the Burnt Bronze Cerakote coated Mark XIX Desert Eagle by Magnum Research. The manufacturing ingenuity behind USA-based Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI) has been turning heads for decades.  The iconic Desert Eagle has been featured in movies and video games, and now MRI has made it even sexier by introducing the Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50AE and .44 Magnum in a new high-temperature ceramic Cerakote coating called Burnt Bronze.  These two models are being offered exclusively...

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Americase Develops First Breakdown Crossbow Case

June 13, 2014

Americase releases the Breakdown Crossbow Case.

Americase, Inc. is pleased to announce they have developed the first aluminum Breakdown Crossbow Case available in the market place. "For quite sometime we have considered developing a crossbow carrying case that is functional and not cumbersome. While doing research we discovered that most of today's crossbows are breakdown, so this seemed to be the next logical step to accommodate the needs of our customers. We went to the drawing board and have developed a breakdown crossbow case that is less than 62 linear inches, meaning it can be can be checked luggage without an oversize fee. This...

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Backwoods Life Continues Partnership with GhostBlind

June 11, 2014

Season 10 of Backwoods Life will kick off in the summer of 2014 on Sportsman Channel (US) and Wild TV (Canada).

The award winning hunting T.V. show, Backwoods Life, will continue their long lasting relationship with GhostBlind.  Backwoods Life has depended on their products for several years and will continue to do so during Season 10, which airs in the summer of 2014. These ground blinds are recognized for their quick and easy set up. GhostBlind is exceptional compared to traditional ground blinds because they are constructed with flexible mirrors to reflect the surrounding landscape while eliminating sun reflections and animal movement. The unbreakable lightweight panels and mirrors are coated with...

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Louisiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Expanded Suppressor Use by Hunters

June 5, 2014

Louisiana hunters could already harvest nuisance animals such as nutria with the use of suppressors, and a new law allows the hunting of all game animals with suppressors.

Last week Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed House Bill 186, which allows hunters to use suppressors when pursuing all game animals in the state. The law will take effect on August 1, making Louisiana the third state in 2014 to legalize suppressors for hunting. The governments of Georgia and Alabama have also approved similar legislation. “This is about mitigating the noise and preventing hearing loss,” Louisiana Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) told Read more »

Safe Envy: What to Look for When Buying a Gun Safe

June 2, 2014

Looking to buy a gun safe? Here's a few things you should keep in mind when you look at the options available.

I had never seen this strong, confident man jealous of another man’s anything. The day we opened a friend’s safe, though, I saw it. Definitely safe envy. The strong door opened with all the long guns organized just so, and all the handguns were properly in their place. I watched his eyes glisten, his mouth drop open just a tad. No Barretts or Lapuas were inside, either, just run-of-the-mill hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The envy was in the organization and the structure that housed them---a big, beautiful, fireproof gun safe. Here are five things that might be helpful...

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Archer Xtreme Is in the Driver’s Seat

May 29, 2014

Archer Xtreme's A.X. Driver - 1 pin sight brings precision accuracy to the archery world.

Archer Xtreme has taken the archery industry by storm with its innovative accessories built to never before seen levels of quality.  In fact, the company is well known by the most hardcore bowhunters for taking every measure to build the lightest and strongest archery accessories on the planet - and it has done it yet again with its Arc Extreme Driver - 1 Pin bow sight.  This advanced single pin sight is as tough as you are and is ready for even the most extreme adventure into the woods.  The A.X. Driver - 1 Pin sight allows you to dial in your flat shooting bow to a specific distance...

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