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January 15, 2010

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A Warning To Outdoor Users About Echinococcus, From Worms

December 13, 2009

Tom Remington

This is a warning to outdoor users about a potentially deadly biological event that could result from one’s curiosity to poke at and kick through scat from wolves, coyotes and foxes. Of course not everyone knowingly does this but many hunters, trappers and simply the curious, want to know what these animals have been eating.
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Bowhunting Grand Slam Oklahoma 2007

December 4, 2009

By Mac Moad

The first week of October was finally here. The first three days were spent in my favorite stand watching 3 raccoons in which I had named Larry, Curly, and Moe. The mother raccoon was slightly bigger than the two younger ones, and seemed curious to every movement surrounding them.
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Cold Weather Coyote Hunting

January 27, 2009

Eastern CoyotePound for pound, the Eastern Coyote offers some of the most challenging sport hunting around. Hes wary, cagey, tough as a bag of hammers, and runs fast enough to all but guarantee that you wont get a second shot if you miss the first one.

The cold weather of January and February fuels the Coyotes already high metabolism, driving them to hunt for food almost round the clock. Couple this with a couple of good calls, a night hunting permit, a rifle with a good scope, warm clothing, and youre in store for some fast action.

First and foremost is to find where the dogs are. Talk to farmers, landowners, and your local Game Warden about coyote sign and location. Deer yards, rabbit cover, and field and swamp edges are all likely to hold coyotes this time of year. Read more

Dangerous Rewards – Stories of African Insanity

November 14, 2008

By Todd Wilson

A Not So Welcoming Arrival

As it came to our attention that all foreign nationals were being advised to leave Zimbabwe within thirty days, my brothers and I were beginning to feel a bit uneasy about our personal safety. If you couple this with the fact that our Professional Hunter (PH) was devout alcoholic, you begin to have a recipe for disaster. Read more

Early Morning Gobblers

May 20, 2008

By Patrick Murphy of Rocky Mount, NC

Wild Turkey in Tree6am finds me on schedule to my first listening location. The air is cool and sharp, there’s no wind. The thick smoke from my breath hovers around my head as I stop to listen. It seems thick enough to convince me it’s hampering my hearing, so I tip toe and listen rather then stand still.

Then it comes…the first gobble. I’m immediately 15 minutes late now, he’s a long ways. It takes forever, dodging the gauntlet of deer in route slows me down even more. As I close the distance, I know exactly where he’s at and the tree I’m gonna call home for the morning. Read more

Self-Guided In Alaska

February 12, 2008

By Robert Lane

Robert Lane preparing a raft trip down the Aniak River in AlaskaMost sportsmen dream of the adventure of a lifetime in Alaska. A lot of them make it happen. Many more don’t, and the cost of a guided hunting or fishing trip to the great northwest is usually the deciding factor.

If you have solid wilderness camping skills, a good understanding of wilderness survival, can navigate well with GPS, map, and compass, and are comfortable on the water, you can put together a self-guided float hunt or fishing trip to the 49th state that won’t break the bank. The early months of the new year are the times to plan for such a trip. Read more

And What’s Wrong With The Endangered Species Act?

January 30, 2008

Grizzly BearsIt’s getting worse before, if ever, it will get better. Abuse of the Endangered Species Act is at an all-time high and rising like a rocket. Something must be done! (Scroll to bottom to find links to related articles)

Can it get any worse? Millions of dollars are being spent on lawsuits aimed at preserving habitat and some species of wildlife needlessly, with no end in sight. The ESA is being used as a lethal weapon that will destroy our property rights and further sink us into economic recession. It’s out of control. Read more

Through Better Men than I

December 27, 2007

By Master Sargent Mike Sibley

Father and Son Share Hunting ExperienceI can hear their whispers wherever I go. “Control your breathing, concentrate on the blade, and squeeze.” “Feel your way along with your toes instead of watching your feet.” “Work your way down through that black-growth and you’ll find ‘em in that stand of beech.” So persistent are they that I sympathize with a schizophrenic who feels as if he’s never alone. Unlike him, my voices are not a psychotic delusion created by chemical imbalances crying out for the saving grace of lithium. Real men spoke those words and no amount of time or distance will ever silence them. They are my last connection to a past that I crave but know I’ll never see. They define the man who hears them. And I pray they shape the lives of my sons. Read more

Perfect Camouflage

October 11, 2007

Tree StandPlease allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tommy Mohrbucks and I’m your average middle aged bow hunter. The name is actually a moniker that refers to my Texas Hold’em internet identity, not bucks of the deer variety . I have a tremendous passion for both Texas Hold’em & bow hunting for white tail deer.

It sure felt good to be returning to a small 10-acre plot in south-east Michigan, where I was fortunate enough to have bagged my first buck last season. Opening day was still over a week away but I wanted to hang my tree stand and give the ever suspicious deer a few days to forget about my intrusion. Read more

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