Trimble Launches New Mobile Apps, Website for Sportsmen

March 21, 2013

Trimble GPS Fish for Android

Sunnyvale, CA, Mar 21, 2013 – Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today a new mobile mapping solution for hunters and anglers. The launch includes two smartphone apps (Trimble GPS Hunt and Trimble GPS Fish), one tablet app (Trimble GPS Maps), and a new Website —

The new products combine the latest in mobile GPS technology and Trimble’s exclusive outdoor maps to help sportsmen plan trips, navigate in remote areas, record GPS information and privately share details with friends.

“We are excited to launch a comprehensive solution for hunters and anglers,” said Rich Rudow, general manager at Trimble Outdoors. “Now hunters can scout a future hunt at then send maps and GPS details to their iPhone, Android, or iPad to use in the field. In addition, they can print custom waterproof maps that compliment the digital maps displayed in the mobile apps.”

The launch includes:

Trimble GPS Hunt app

Works on: iPhone and Android phones
Find hunting spots on detailed outdoor maps, navigate in remote areas and track wildlife. The Trimble GPS Hunt app uses the GPS built into smartphones to track position in the field—even in areas without a cell or data connection. In addition, users can mark waypoints, record tracks, view weather forecasts, see sun and moon phases, and view compass and trip details.

Trimble GPS Fish app

Works on: iPhone and Android phones
Use Trimble GPS Fish to record fishing trips and keep a report of daily catches. Pinpoint the exact location of each catch, take photos, record GPS tracks, and view detailed street, topo and terrain maps. Use the app to return to previous fishing hotspots. In addition, with an Elite membership, users have access to more than 6,900 lake maps showing 10-foot lake depth contours.

Trimble GPS Maps app

Works on: iPad
Plan and organize your next hunting trip or fishing trip with the Trimble GPS Maps app. Research hunting lands, find fishing spots and scout access roads on your iPad. This app allows users to fade between street, aerial and topographic maps, and instantly copy-and-paste GPS coordinates onto the digital maps.

Works on: PC and Mac with an Internet connection is a portal for all the Trimble hunting and fishing apps. In addition, users can view and store their trips, view maps in large format, and print maps at home or as a custom print by All trips created in the Trimble fishing and hunting apps are stored in the Trip Cloud.

Trimble Elite

Works on: Trimble GPS Fish, Trimble GPS Hunt, Trimble GPS Maps,
The Trimble Elite membership provides exclusive access to offline maps when out of cell coverage, map overlays and tools in all the Trimble hunting and fishing mobile apps and at Members have access to 3,000 Mega Offline Map bundles, public land boundaries for 46 states, lake maps for 6,900 lakes, forest road overlays for 134 national forests, real-time weather maps, online trip planning tools and discounts off printed maps.

How to Buy

Trimble GPS Hunt and Trimble GPS Fish are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Trimble GPS Maps is available in the Apple App Store. Each app comes in a free or pro version for $4.99. The Elite membership is available for purchase in all the apps and at for $29.99/year or $2.99/monthly.

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HookHunt Executive Will Speak at OCEANS 12 Conference

October 12, 2012

HookHunt Executive Will Speak At OCEANS 12 Conference

Christian Anderson, a hunting and fishing industry executive,  will speak during the OCEANS 12 Conference in Hampton Roads, VA, October 14-19, 2012. The co-founder and CEO of Umaxoutdoors, LLC will discuss the use of mobile technology for better species management with this international gathering of scientists, engineers and responsible ocean users.

Umaxoutdoors is launching its HookHunt mobile application this month. HookHunt is a fishing app and a hunting app in one. This convenient mobile app allows anglers and hunters to capture real time data by simply taking a picture with a smart phone. Time/date, GPS location, lunar phase, tidal information and comprehensive weather conditions are automatically recorded on the user’s website. The user can then query his or her personal data along with global data to create better strategies.

Umaxoutdoors can share global data with interested wildlife management agencies. The data provided to wildlife management agencies will not include specific GPS coordinates or share users’ names but will allow agencies to pull information about a general area. This data could include information about how many fish of a certain species were caught within a specific time period.

“We’re very excited about our HookHunt launch,” said Anderson. “Soon wildlife agencies will be able to access timely information from our databases. And sportsmen and women can easily record information about their fishing or hunting trip and use that information to make their trips more productive or enjoyable in the future. It’s really a win-win for everyone who loves the outdoors and wants to ensure that future generations can enjoy it as well.”

The HookHunt app can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play, Three versions are available: the Free version with one-touch photo upload, basic maps and weather; the Explorer version with more advanced features for $19.99/year and the fully-loaded Expert version for $29.99/year. Visit for more details.

For a limited time, the Expert version of the HookHunt app can be downloaded for a 30 day free trial by entering CODE: free30.

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Navigating with Topographic Maps

August 6, 2012

Navigating with Topographic Maps

I’ve heard people say that there is no excuse to get lost if you have a decent set of topographic maps in hand. While that is mostly true, there are a few things you can do to greatly improve the readability and reliability of your map.

If your projected route from point A to point B is a series of turns and twisted through contour lines, you must have confidence that at every point along the way you are still on the right track. Wouldn’t it be nice to have confirmatory landmarks spaced out along the way to reassure you that the perceived truth is actual truth?

The best way I’ve found to do this is to draw in some features that topo maps don’t necessarily emphasize but that can be easily seen when accessing online maps of other types – aerial maps being the best resource. Features such as rock faces, avalanche chutes, and uniquely shaped meadows don’t always show up well on topo maps but can provide a reassuring boost of confidence that you on the right trail in the backcountry.

Here’s an example of a topo map from central Colorado with a bunch of potentially confusing contour lines.

It shows that outside the open terrain on the far left and far right sides of the map, everything else is timbered and without any dramatic terrain features could potentially be confusing for some hikers or hunters. Switching to an aerial map of that exact landscape (all I did was switch from topo to satellite view on an online mapping resource, ACME Mapper), you can see that the topo map was missing some valuable information.

You can see that there is an easily distinguishable meadow oriented north to south in the middle of the satellite image and a larger complex of meadows in the northeast quadrant of the same topo map that showed a monoculture of timbered country. The topo map also doesn’t highlight any of the transitions from deciduous (leaf on in the summer, off in the winter) to coniferous tree cover – another potentially useful feature that can only be drawn from an aerial map. I highly recommend overlaying your topo maps with an aerial image resource and penning in some features that will surely make your hunt go a little smoother this fall.

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California DFG Offers Wilderness Land Navigation Clinic for Hunters

August 2, 2012

Land Navigation Clinic

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is now accepting registrations for its upcoming land navigation clinic. The two-day course will be held at Camp Whitsett in Kern County on Sept. 15 and 16.

This weekend clinic is part of DFG’s Advanced Hunter Education Program. The course is designed to help students learn and practice basic navigation skills using a map, compass and GPS. Participants will learn about magnetic declination, the workings of a baseplate compass, map reading, how to stay oriented naturally, and how to use magnetic bearings, map coordinate systems and GPS. All course materials and equipment will be provided.

The course is limited to 25 participants, so please register early. Registration forms are available online at

The cost is $65 for adults. Students 16 years and younger are free but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. DFG’s Advanced Hunter Education Program will provide all necessary class equipment, but meals are not included. Participants will camp overnight as part of the course.

Camp Whitsett is located in the Sequoia National Forest, 70 miles east of Bakersfield and 192 miles north of Los Angeles.

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ViewRanger Wins Award for Mapping App for Hikers

March 20, 2012

ViewRanger Wins Award for Mapping App for Hikers

Hikers who have the new Outdoors GPS app from ViewRanger may not have to worry about getting lost on the trail ever again. The app won one of the app industry’s most prestigious awards – an Appy Award.

In the Mapping/Location Based category, ViewRanger beat out apps Scout by Telenav and Companion by Companion HQ for Black Pepper Ltd. The two other finalists’ apps deal with assisting foreign visitors to urban or suburban areas , but ViewRanger’s app is designed for hikers and mountain bikers.

This app allows hikers to share their location in real-time via their phone or on the web, plan a route, geo-tag photos from the trail and share them on Flickr or Picasa.

Original press release issued by Darby Communications on March 20th, 2012

ViewRanger, the award-winning outdoor navigation app, is honored to be the 2012 Appy Award winner for the Mapping/Location Based category. Every year, the most creative and imaginative professionals in the technology field, gather to celebrate the world’s finest Smartphone apps at the annual Appy Awards. The winners of the awards were announced March 19th at a reception in San Francisco hosted by leading online communications firm, MediaPost.

Since its inception, the Appy Awards have been designed to include all devices and platforms and an array of categories such as finance, cooking, medical, and fitness. Each finalist was carefully chosen by an Executive Jury comprised of veterans from three industries: developers, advertising and marketing, and popular technology publications. Among ViewRanger, other 2012 finalists included Mint, HBO, Home Depot and

“We are very pleased to be recognized by the Appy Awards as an outstanding GPS navigation app,” says Ian Pond, Chief Marketing Officer for ViewRanger. “Building on the great response received at the launch of our USA edition, we are confident that this award will continue to make 2012 a successful year for ViewRanger.”

ViewRanger is designed for Outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and mountain bikers and supports all the features expected of a top-end GPS device, including track recording, waypoint navigation, map coordinate entry and GPX file exchange. It also uses the smartphone’s connectivity to support map download on the move, real-time phone-to-phone and phone-to-web location sharing, and wireless synchronization with the web based route planning and social media sharing tools at The USA edition app includes the highest quality topographic mapping information in the United States that can be cached for offline use. The maps are marked with 250,000 miles of public land trails. The app also includes access to downloadable expert guided routes from Menasha Ridge & Wilderness Press. . The ViewRanger USA edition app costs just $7.99 with unlimited map access and expert guided trails cost around $1 per trail to download.

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