Life Hack Video: How to Make Your Own Tick Repellent

March 27, 2015


As the weather warms and the last vestiges of winter melt away, millions of Americans are looking forward to enjoying spring outside. Yet it seems that every year we are warned about the presence of ticks---annoying and potentially dangerous pests that can be can be found in many parts of the United States. If you intend on spending some quality time outside, make sure you keep yourself and your loved ones protected. Blacklegged ticks can transmit lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses, so knowing how to perform daily tick checks or removing a live tick is vital to your continued good...

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First Case of Exotic Chewing Lice Found in Colorado Deer

March 26, 2015

Lice (like this human head louse) can result in severe hair loss for deer.

On Wednesday Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) confirmed that a young mule deer found east of Denver was infested with exotic chewing lice, a species similar to the lice that is responsible for the widespread deer "hair loss syndrome" found in other states. The affected male fawn was put down by a wildlife officer after it was found by a local rancher. Wildlife officials described the animal as "being in poor body condition and struggling to survive." Laboratory results confirmed the species of lice as Bovicola...

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The Perils of Improper Winter Deer Feeding: Small Herd Found Dead in New Hamsphire

March 26, 2015

Improper feeding that led to enterotoxemia appears to have caused the deaths of several deer in New Hampshire.

Even when done properly, supplemental winter feeding can bring up many complications for starving deer. When done improperly, feeding deer could mean an agonizing death. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department reported on Tuesday that a group of 12 deer had been found dead in South Hampton, likely as a result of "well-intentioned, but tragically fatal, supplemental feeding by local residents." Fish and Game biologists found the 12 deer in a wooded suburban area and field necropsises indicated that the...

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Video: Watch These Miniature Horses Act Just Like Hunting Dogs

March 24, 2015

mini horses

In many ways miniature horses already act very much like dogs. They can be trained as service animals and are commonly accepted in many countries as assistance animals for people with disabilities. Unlike their larger kin, miniature horses are often found as companions rather than steeds, and their dog-sized shape allows them to go places where larger horses cannot. When compared to dogs, they are faster, have greater stamina, and are stronger. So can they replace hunting dogs for work in the field? Of course not. As herbivores, horses lack the predatory instincts of a good hunting...

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Why Did Thousands of Snow Geese Drop out of the Sky over Idaho?

March 17, 2015

Thousands of migrating snow geese have died in Idaho, and experts say that a common disease may be the prime suspect.

Should you duck and cover? Idaho wildlife officials have confirmed that thousands of migrating snow geese are being found dead across the state, seemingly dropping straight out of the air. The carcasses were first discovered at Camas National Wildlife Refuge near Dubois last week, but soon spread to the towns of Terreton and Roberts, where birds on the return leg of their journey to Alaska have collapsed and died. The migration is one that the geese undertake every spring, so why are they dropping dead...

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Former Marine Designs Backpack That Protects Hunters from Bears

March 12, 2015

The Back Attack Pack in action.

For hunters in bear country, few things are as scary as being pinned down by a bear on your back. That is why former stuntman and Marine Billy Lucas designed the Back Attack Pack, a backpack attachment that can be activated to spray bear deterrent right when you need it most. According to its designer, the device could provide the necessary distraction to give hunters a fighting chance. “There are no bragging rights in getting hurt,” Lucas told Read more »

Photo: Bald Eagle Fights Coyote over Deer Carcass, Raven Wins

March 3, 2015


What is the most epic picture you've ever pulled from a trail cam? Did it involve four different species, a life or death battle, and perhaps the most stunningly clear case of opportunism caught in the wild? There's a lot going on in this picture, but we can all agree that the raven is the real winner here.


The above image was uploaded by Reddit user Blutausbeherit, who claims that they recovered the image from a wooded...

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Video: 5 Cheap, Unconventional Ways to Sharpen Your Knife

February 27, 2015

Deep Valley 3

The odds are that if you own a knife, you have already perused the different knife sharpeners out on the market today and probably balked at their prices. $150 for a Japanese water stone, or double that for a belt sharpener? Surely there has to be a better---and most importantly---cheaper alternative. Whether you use your knives for hunting, fishing, or bushcraft, you don't exactly need an edge that can slice through atoms. All you need is something that will get the job done. So below are five inexpensive---practically free---methods of putting an edge on your knife without spending the big...

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5 Knives You Should Purchase with Your Tax Refund

February 26, 2015

Image screenshot from 555 Gear on YouTube.

Like many Americans, my fear of tax season is offset in a small way by the promise of a refund. It's the added incentive that many of us need to file taxes early---or at least before the post office closes down on April 15. As I wait for the refund to deposit itself in my bank account, I find myself daydreaming about how I'm going to spend it. Of course, fiscally-responsible options are about at the bottom of my list, but I also don't get carried away. After all, the majority of us won't be able to afford a new yacht on their tax refund. So why not invest in an upgrade to the one outdoor...

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Video: 7 Heart-pounding Close Encounters of the Bear Kind

February 12, 2015

Grizzly big

Generally, the only time hunters ever want to see a bear up close is when they're actually hunting for one. Otherwise, running into a bear can be a tense situation, especially if you got several pounds of deer or elk meat on you. Brown bears are indisputably the most powerful land predators in North America, and a confrontation with one could ruin your day very quickly. Black bears may be smaller, but that does not make them any less dangerous if they get it in their minds that you're a threat. This goes double if there are cubs around. Here is our list for the top seven scariest...

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