The BAREBOW! Chronicles: The “Hail Mary” Ram

August 30, 2014


November, 1994. I had not yet been bitten by the Super Slam bug. The idea of trying to harvest with my bow one of each of North America's 28 big game species still had not infected the tissues of my brain. That was not to happen till 1998. On the other hand, the dream of taking the so-called Grand Slam of our continent's four wild sheep was now well on its way to becoming my first, true hunting obsession. After arrowing my Dall ram in 1984, and my Read more »

Ohio Town Considers Paintball Guns for Nuisance Deer

August 29, 2014

One Avon Lake City Council member wants to allow residents to use paintball guns against nuisance deer.

Hunters in the Ohio town of Avon Lake rejoiced last month after a new ordinance allowed year-round bow hunting for the purpose of managing the deer population. However, City Council member Dave Kos recently introduced a new alternative that has come under criticism by wildlife officials: using paintballs to scare the animals away. “It’s been discussed with Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that shooting a deer near the hoof with a paintball gun will get them to scatter,” Kos told The...

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Louisiana Hunters Harvesting More Deer after Decade of Decline

August 28, 2014

Harvest numbers are up, but officials say that Louisiana's deer are still in danger of losing habitat.

A recent report released by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) shows that hunters are seeing---and harvesting---more deer after nearly a decade of decline. Hunters still say they are frustrated by the lack of deer in the Bayou State, but LDWF officials estimate that sportsmen and women bagged a total of 166,200 deer during the 2013-2014 season, a number much higher than recent years. Hunter interest seems to be up, as more than 270,000 turkey and deer tags have been issued last year. "The deer harvest improved during the 2013-14 season," the LDWF stated in the Read more »

Michigan Conservation Act Passed, Wolf Hunt Protected

August 28, 2014

Michigan lawmakers passed the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act on Wednesday, ensuring that wildlife officials will continue to have the authority to name game species.

Conservationists and hunters declared victory in Michigan on Wednesday as the state Legislature voted to pass The Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. The citizen-initiated act, which among other things protects the state's wolf season from attempts to stop the hunt, automatically became law after it passed the state House and will take effect next year at the earliest. While the 65-43 vote by House members on Wednesday was cause for celebration from those that supported the hunt, it was a shock to the animal rights organizations that opposed the season. “What the Legislature...

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Video: Young Crossbow Hunter Bags Two Feral Hogs with One Shot

August 27, 2014


While hunting in Langley Ranch in Centerville, Texas, Marcus of Hunting with Marcus and Chris managed to land a lethal shot on two hogs. Two-for-one shots are always unique and exhilarating---akin to a feat of athletic prowess---but sportsmen and women are careful to make sure it is an ethical shot as well. According to the hunters, both hogs died shortly after the incident and were harvested. "The first hog was hit through both lungs and ran approximately 20 yards before expiring," Chris and Marcus...

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Drastic Decline in Alaska Dall Sheep Closes Hunting Season

August 27, 2014

As the Dall sheep population in the western Brooks Range drops by more than 75 percent, wildlife officials are scrambling to close the hunting season.

Officials from Alaska's Department of Game and Fish (ADFG) have implemented an emergency order to close all sheep hunting in the western Brooks Range after a recent survey found that sheep numbers had plummeted 50 to 70 percent from 2011. The unexpected results have biologists searching for answers in what they call an unexpected crisis. "I think they had an inkling that the numbers were down, but I don't know if anybody expected such a drastic decline," Chris McKee, a wildlife division supervisor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), told Read more »

Threat of Referendum Hangs Over Maine Bear Opener

August 25, 2014

Hunters hit the woods for Maine's black bear opener Monday, but a November referendum could mean the end of baiting, trapping, and the use of hounds.

Maine's back bear hunting season opened on Monday, but many hunters' excitement is being mixed with trepidation as a November referendum could drastically change how hunters harvest bears in the state. The citizen-initiated referendum "Maine Question 1" will appear on the general election ballot later this year. If it is passed, hunters will no longer able trap bears, or use hounds or bait for hunting. "It would be like allowing a surgeon to do surgery without a scalpel," Judy Camuso, Wildlife Division Director with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIFW), told the Read more »

Intact Deer Found Inside 1,000-pound Alabama Alligator

August 25, 2014

It may not be deer season, but one family of hunters inadvertently bagged a doe when they took down this 1,000-pound gator.

On August 16, a family of hunters in Alabama harvested a massive 1,011.5-pound alligator near Millers Ferry Dam in Wilcox County. The reptile was large enough to claim the Alabama state record and make a run for the title of the world's heaviest, but what taxidermists found inside the alligator's stomach may be even more surprising. According to, taxidermist Ken Owens...

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The Top Five Destinations to Hunt Velvet Whitetail

August 25, 2014

The opportunity to wrap your tag around a velvet antler has a lot of appeal to most hunters. There is a short window of opportunity to do it and a select few places to hunt whitetails before the velvet comes off.

Ever have a hankering for an early-season whitetail bowhunt while the deer still have velvet-covered antlers? Here are the top five destinations to make it happen. Whitetails across North America tend to shed their velvet during the first week in September. Sometimes the fuzz can come off during the last week of August, but the majority will become hard-antlered between September 1 and 7. There are a handful of locations across North America where you can have a great chance of shooting a velvet buck in this time frame. At the tail end of summer, these bucks are in some of their...

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Washington State Authorizes Hunt for Sheep-killing Wolves

August 25, 2014

One wolf pack in southeastern Washington is being targeted by hunters after predatory attacks that left at least 17 sheep dead.

Hunters working with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) are set to cull several wolves from southern Stevens County after a spree of predatory attacks that left 17 sheep dead and many more wounded. According to the WDFW, wildlife officials and a state rancher are working to move a flock of 1,800 sheep away from the area after four attacks in a forest near the small town of Hunters in the past month. Experts believe that wolves from the Huckleberry Pack are responsible for killing the...

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