Is Chocolate Killing Wild Bears? NH Officials Review Bait Regulations after 90 Pounds of Donuts Kill 4

January 23, 2015


How much chocolate is too much chocolate? For a group of four black bears, a 90-pound mountain of chocolate and chocolate donuts proved to be lethal. According to the Concord Monitor, the New Hampshire Game and Fish Department is considering new regulations for bear baiting after conservation officers found two adult female bears and two cubs dead near a bait site in the northern part of the state. “The case in New Hampshire perhaps...

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Nebraska Cancels 2015 Mountain Lion Hunt

January 21, 2015

Nebraska wildlife officials announced that there will be no mountain lion season this year, due in part to a high number of females killed in 2014.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission announced last week that there will be no mountain lion season for 2015, and will instead pursue a new three-year study on the state's big cats. Commission director Jim Douglass told The Lincoln Journal Star that more study on the state's cougar population will help officials make decisions on how to manage the species. "It doesn't mean that we will not have a season during the three-year period....

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The 7 Largest Big Game Rifle Cartidges

January 18, 2015

These big game cartridges epitomize the philosophy of the one-shot kill. On the left is a .500 Nitro Express cartridge and bullet, on the right is the .600 Overkill.

One popular subject of debate among hunters is which cartridge is best for a specific game species. Usually a hunter's choice is dependent upon personal preference and whether or not a round can humanely kill an animal. However, there are some cartridges so intimidatingly large that the guns they are used in are simply referred to as "stopping rifles." These firearms shoot projectiles designed to stop a wild animal in its charge with a single bullet. If there were such a thing as huge game calibers, the seven cartridges listed below would qualify. 1. .577 Snider This British black...

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Should You Feed Deer in the Winter?

January 16, 2015

Recreational deer feeding can provide entertainment and benefit the deer, but it can do more harm than good in some cases. What and when you feed and where you put it can have a significant impact on how much good or bad it causes.

Providing supplemental feed to deer in the winter is controversial and illegal in some states, but other states encourage and even help fund it. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of winter feeding. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has often been opposed to recreational deer feeding. With the increased risk of chronic wasting disease (CWD) and other disease transmissions, there have been discussions about banning it. The winter of 2014 was very difficult for the deer of northern Minnesota. Deep snow and cold temperatures created conditions in which predators...

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Off-duty Cop Steps on Bear While Hunting, Gets Bitten in Foot

January 16, 2015

Be careful where you step, black bears can den in the strangest places.

Depending on where you hunt, black bears can range from being a nuisance to a serious danger. Dover, New Jersey police officer Walter Michalski never expected that he would end up stepping on one. The off-duty policeman was hunting for deer in Allamuch State Park on Tuesday when he stepped over a log and right onto a black bear sow with four cubs. "It was not a bear attack," Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson Larry Ragonese told the Daily Record. "It...

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Animal Rights Groups Pressure Montana Hunting “Derby” into Keeping Location Secret

January 15, 2015

A wolf and coyote hunt in Montana is back on after a number of new sponsors decided to back the derby.

Despite threats, criticism, and pressure from animal advocacy groups, one predator hunting "derby" in Montana will still he held. Yet according to The Missoulian, the location of the hunt, and even the location of the registration site, is still being kept secret. The story began last year when the Lakeside Resort and Motel in Trout Creek announced that it would be holding the first annual Great Montana Coyote and Wolf Hunt in...

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Bighorn Sheep Tag Sells at Auction for $100,000

January 14, 2015

An anonymous hunter paid $100,000 for the chance to harvest a bighorn in Idaho. The funds will go toward improving sheep habitat.

A single Idaho bighorn sheep tag sold for $100,000 at this year's Wild Sheep Foundation Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada, making it the fifth-most expensive tag sold in the program's history since it started in 1988. Recognized as one of the largest expos for mountain hunting and conservation, the Sheep Show draws thousands of hunters and conservationists to Reno. One of the most anticipated sections of the show is the special permit auction, where bidders can raise millions of dollars for conservation efforts. "Since 1988, the auction tag has generated more than $1.85 million for bighorn sheep...

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Canadian Hunters Rescued from Ice Floe 17 Miles from Shore

January 14, 2015

Eight hunters survived being stranded on drifting ice floe for two days, thanks in part to their own resourcefulness.

Officials from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) are praising eight hunters in Nunavut for their preparedness and good sense in their own rescue on Sunday. According to the RCAF, the hunters spent two days on the large ice floe after it separated from shore on Friday and quickly drifted nearly 17 miles south of Coral Harbor, where the hunters were eventually airlifted to after being rescued by helicopter. "The fact that these gentleman were prepared to be out...

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A Simple Guide for Understanding Application, Drawing, and Tag Terms

January 14, 2015

If you are going to drag out a big buck, you must first go through the process of getting a tag. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you understand the ways tags are allotted in the various states, you’ll be drawing premium tags in no time.

Acquiring a deer tag to hunt in a state far from home can be a confusing process, but this explanation of terms and definitions will help you navigate to the deer license you have always been wanting. Applying for a nonresident tag in a state far from home can leave you with an overwhelming feeling. Game laws regarding tags are complicated and at times very confusing. It seems like every state is different, and laws within a state can differ from one species to another. With that in mind, my "Glossary of Tag Terms" that follows should help you navigate the clutter by...

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What’s the Best Draw Weight for a Bow?

January 12, 2015

Some hunters assume that a heavier draw weight is always better--that's not necessarily the case.

One of the biggest decisions to make when you are shopping for a new bow is what draw weight the bow should have. Most people, myself included, overdo it for what they are actually hunting. Is this a bad thing? Not really. But when talking to new and old archers alike, I have had way too many conversations where they think they need the heaviest bow on the market because that’s what their buddy or some “pro” on TV has---and that’s simply not true. There are some facts that can’t be ignored, however. Draw weight is an important factor when it comes to speed and kinetic energy. If...

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