Who Says You Can’t Call in Fall Gobblers!

October 20, 2010

Maine reintroduced turkeys into it’s wildlife population successfully in the mid-1980′s, opened it’s first ever “experimental” turkey season in 1986 in a tiny little area of the state, and in the Spring of 1996, it had expanded to include our area of the Midcoast. Back then, turkey hunting was open only by chance lottery drawings and for the first several years I was unable to draw a tag, though I was out there still, trying to listen and learn from the master himself, Old Tom Gobbler. By the time 2002 rolled around, we had a solid enough population of turkeys that the state decided to open it’s first Fall turkey hunt, bow-hunting only, so I ran out, purchased a bow, and hit the woods with vigor, only to learn that turkeys were not going to be easy to kill during the Fall of the year… That was eight years ago and since then the Wild Turkey has taught me a lot and I’m happy to say I still love class, because I’m out there every Spring and every Autumn, enjoying the chase. Read more

Bear Attack! – Nearly Mauled

October 5, 2010

by Rod Davis

One hour before dusk, the small bear made his way into the tiny clearing in the North Maine Woods and with no small degree of caution, tipped over the bait barrel. The smell of chocolate bars and slurry of peanut butter was just more than he could stand.

It was the last night of an eventful week at bear camp at the Libby Camps’ location on Lake Millinocket. I had seen a total of nine bears this week, none that I could shoot, and this little guy, a two year old, would make a nice small rug for the hunting cabin back in West Virginia. He looked to be about 100+ lbs and while I would have preferred about 50-60 more lbs on him, it was after all, the last night and there were no guarantees that a larger bear would show up before the end of legal shooting hours. Read more