“Average Joe’s Huntin’ Show”

July 18, 2010

Author’s note: As a hunter who’s a little sick of all the “monster this” and “monster that” stuff that’s become the focus of todays outdoor television programming, I was pleased to have made friends with a guy named Devin Juel, producer of a brand new TV show that is taking the nation by storm. I think like most hunters do…that REAL hunting by non-pros is tougher than what we see on TV and this guy is a credit to the American outdoorsman…and I think we need to share this so others can jump on the bandwagon.

By Blaine Cardilli

New Reality Hunting Show Focuses on Everyday Hunters

There’s a new guy on the block and his name is Devin Juel… creator, chief executive manager, and host of the new reality-based hunting program, “Average Joe’s Huntin’ Show”. Devin’s “baby” is “Headbone Productions” and he created it because he, (like many of us), was tired of the same old hype that was circulating throughout the outdoor television industry and he decided to make a bold change by stepping up to the plate and creating the “Average Joe’s Huntin’ Show”. In the “About Us” section of his website, (, Devin relates the following about his goals for the show compared to what he currently sees… Read more