More Elena Kagan Anti Gun Evidence

May 14, 2010

Ken Klukowski, Townhall, reports that Elena Kagan has shown more signs in the past as being anti-gun and more closely mirrors the same gun philosophies as the President who nominated her.

We learned yesterday that Kagan was “not sympathetic” to one man fighting for his Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. According to Klukowski, as Solicitor General, Kagan did not seek oral argument time or even file a brief in the recent case of McDonald v. Chicago.

As Klukowski points out, Kagan should have at least filed a brief in this case as the crux of the entire appeal is to whether or not the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution incorporates the Second Amendment, an obvious federal issue. Instead, she remained silent. Was this a blatant attempt to stay “off record” on gun rights as Obama and Kagan had previously conspired to sterilize her record as much as possible so she could more easily fill a vacant seat on the Court? It would appear as such.

Also remember that Kagan was part of the Bill Clinton Administration that destroyed our Second Amendment rights through the Assault Weapons Ban in which they created lists of guns to ban that stretched even the wildest of imaginations as to what might constitute an “assault” weapon.

It is Klukowski’s contention that Obama intends to attack the Second Amendment right and destroy it through building a Supreme Court comprised of anti gun justices who will approve any kind of ban of guns. He was able to place Sotomayor there and we are all quite familiar with her past record on gun rights cases.


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