Making False Claims About Frequency Of Bear Attacks Brings Charges Against Wyoming Hunter

May 28, 2010

Stephen Westmoreland was charged with a misdemeanor of illegally killing a grizzly bear in the Ditch Creek area north of Jackson Hole. Westmoreland had claimed self defense but jurors didn’t see it that way. According to the Jackson Hole News, the jury statement claimed Westmoreland acted out of fear and not defense. Read more

More Elena Kagan Anti Gun Evidence

May 14, 2010

Ken Klukowski, Townhall, reports that Elena Kagan has shown more signs in the past as being anti-gun and more closely mirrors the same gun philosophies as the President who nominated her.

We learned yesterday that Kagan was “not sympathetic” to one man fighting for his Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. According to Klukowski, as Solicitor General, Kagan did not seek oral argument time or even file a brief in the recent case of McDonald v. Chicago. Read more

The Beginning Of The End

May 14, 2010

Fighting back against the criminal enterprise of wolf introduction.

Fraud And Deceit Behind Wolf Reintroduction – Don’t Miss This!

May 11, 2010

WHO: Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations
WHAT: Public presentation on fraud and deceit employed in the dangerous wolf “reintroduction” program
WHEN: Sunday, May 16, 2010
WHERE: Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana

Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations, will address the lies, deceit and fraud employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the state wildlife agencies in Montana and Idaho and environmental groups to illegally introduce Canadian wolves where they were never native, nor endangered.

His presentation begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 16, 2010, at the Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana. Admission is free. Read more

Wolf Science: A Political Football

May 6, 2010

It started in 1987 when Ed Bangs, the Department of Interior and all the wolf-lover environmentalists sold their idea to the American people, specifically those in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, that 30 breeding pairs of wolves and 300 total wolves would be all that was needed to declare wolf recovery a success. It’s now 2010 and some estimates easily put wolf populations in those three states at over 2,000 and Ed Bangs and the same group are telling the same citizens they need more wolves.

An article yesterday in the Jackson Hole News and Guide quotes Bangs as now saying 45 breeding pairs and 450 wolves will “never be threatened”. I guess Bangs doesn’t learn from his first mistake. In 1987, 30 pairs and 300 wolves would easily do the trick, why should anybody believe for one second that his statement today is any more honest than the ones he made 25 years ago?

It’s clear the feds set the rules, we play by their rules and when the rules don’t fit the game they are playing, they change the rules. Bangs admits that the first day on the job for wolf recovery he knew 30 pairs of wolves wouldn’t be enough and we should trust him now when he tells us 45 will never be threatened?

This kind of political manipulation has to end now.