Outdoor Talk Network Radio Interview

July 25, 2009

Back in early June, I was interviewed by Jim Slinsky for a radio show on the Outdoor Talk Network. We spent the good part of the one hour talking about President Barack Obama’s selection of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to fill a soon to be vacated U.S. Supreme Court Justice seat of Justice David Souter.

Click on the play button below and listen to the audio or right click and save it to your hard drive.


Tom Remington

“Bear Logic”

July 25, 2009

I’ve always heard since I was a youngster hunting with my Dad, that wild animals were very much creatures of habit. I recall vividly Dad telling me that when hunting white tail deer that often deer will follow the same trails at around the same time doing their daily or nightly routines UNTIL some guy clad in hunter orange clothing and carrying a gun intrudes and messes it all up.

Darren Choate, “About the Hunt”, tells us of his experiences of setting up a game camera and tracking the movement of a bear in preparation for the upcoming bear hunting season. It is quite uncanny, the timing of the bear’s visit but more importantly it’s remarkable the “bear logic” conclusions or at least hypothesis Darren arrives at after doing some calculating.

Are bears that predictable? Stay tuned as Darren says he’ll let you know.

Tom Remington

Obama Administration Begins Opposition To States Claiming Sovereignty And Gun Rights

July 22, 2009

The several states are lining up to reclaim their sovereignty and telling the federal government to butt out. This is being done in myriad ways but all are related in that most claim that the Tenth Amendment protects the states from federal tyranny. States are passing resolutions, memorials and two states have passed laws and they intend to apply those laws for their citizens. The two states are Montana and Tennessee.

It was expected that at some point these laws would be challenged and it appears actions to do such has begun. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has published open letters to federal firearms license holders in Montana and Tennessee explaining that federal law trumps state law when it comes to gun laws. Read more

New Revelations about Reintroduced Wolves

July 14, 2009

Republished with permission by George Dovel, author.

In the early 1980s the 197-page unpublished research report, “Wolves of Central Idaho,” surfaced. In it, co-authors Timm Kaminski and Jerome Hansen estimated that elk and deer populations in six of the nine national forests in the proposed Central Idaho Wolf Recovery Area could support a total of 219 wolves without decreasing existing deer and elk populations in those forests.

They based this on an estimated 16.6 deer or elk killed by each wolf annually, and on estimated increases in elk and/or deer populations from 1981-1985 in the two-thirds of forests where they had increased.

But even if their estimated prey numbers and calculations were accurate, their report said only 17 wolves could be maintained in the Salmon National Forest, five in the Challis NF, and none in the Panhandle, Sawtooth and Bitterroot Forests. Yet the obvious question of what to do when the number of wolves in any National Forest or game management unit exceeded the ability of the prey base to support them was not adequately addressed. Read more

Discussing The Hearing Process Of Judge Sonia Sotomayor

July 14, 2009

Today at 6 p.m. I will be participating in a conference call sponsored by the Heritage Foundation. This conference call will include South Carolina Senator Jim Demint and former Attorney General Edwin Meese of the Reagan years. We will be discussing the nomination process and hearings taking place today for President Obama’s selection as a replacement for Justice Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court – Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

I have yet to decide but I may attempt to live-blog that conference. If I don’t, I will update readers at the conclusion of the call. I am grateful to have been able to be a part of this call and I thank the Heritage Foundation, one of my all-time favorite organizations. Read more

Two-Thirds Of States Support Second Amendment Incorporation

July 14, 2009

The NRA is declaring that two-thirds of the state attorneys general have signed an amicus brief in support of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the case of NRA v. Chicago. In that case, the NRA contends that the Seventh District Court of Appeals erred in its declaration that the Second Amendment does not apply to states and cities; that those entities can create their own gun laws by disregarding the Second Amendment. (This is the same position that Obama’s Supreme Court appointee, Sonia Sotomayor has taken.)

The NRA believes that the Seventh District should have ruled as did the Ninth District recently in California saying that the “Due Process” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment incorporates the Second Amendment, therefore forcing the states to apply the Second Amendment and not create gun laws that supersede federal law.

Hunters Once Again Getting A Bad Rap

July 10, 2009

Fairfield, Connecticut has an overgrown deer population, with some estimates as high as 75 deer per square mile. The Fairfield Conservation Commission wants to begin allowing hunting on public lands to cull the herd. That doesn’t sit very well with those animal advocates who don’t believe in killing animals. No surprise there.

In an article in the Connecticut Post, from the animal lovers and protectors we can read all the same usual unsubstantiated horse manure about why hunting is not the answer to the problem – deer don’t cause Lyme disease, hunting deer causes the reproductive rate to increase resulting in even more deer, yada, yada, yada. Read more

Wisconsin’s Bear Population 3 Times Bigger Than Thought

July 10, 2009

Or so says the results of a recent study completed last year by Timothy R. Van Deelen, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduate student David MacFarland. Their study claims the state’s bear population running at 33,657, whereas the Department of Natural Resources estimate was 13,000. Ooooops! Something ain’t right.

According to the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, there are two reasons why the black bear population is that high and growing; Increased habitat and not enough bears taken during the hunting season.

It’s time for hunters to “git-r-done”. The DNR has increased bear permits by 60%.

Is It More Humane To Kill Elk Using Hired Sharpshooters Or Hunters?

July 9, 2009

The beat goes on……La dee da de dee…..and the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain!

The New York Times published an opinion piece, a piece I assume was compiled by their editorial staff because there was no name attached to it, about the effort to cull the elk herd in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.

You see the problem is there are too many elk. Over 20 years ago, a handful of elk were deposited in the park and today that number is approaching one thousand. Officials say there should be no more than 300 to maintain some semblance of balance within the ecosystem. Read more

Safari Club International Names Larry Rudolph New President

July 1, 2009

Tucson, AZ – Safari Club International (SCI) and Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) are pleased to announce that today, Larry Rudolph of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has become their 32nd President.

“I am pleased to announce Larry Rudolph as the new President of SCI,” said SCI Executive Director John Eichinger. “Larry brings a great deal of experience to the position and we look forward to working with him as we continue promoting the freedom to hunt for our members world-wide.”

Larry Rudolph, the owner of a large multi-office group dental practice in Pittsburgh, has hunted extensively around the world and was honored as the 2007 recipient of the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award and the SCI World Hunting Award – two of the top honors amongst sportsmen and women. He has been a life member of SCI since 1986, and has served as the Pittsburgh Chapter President. In addition, Rudolph has served on the SCI Executive Committee for four years, as SCI Director-at-Large, SCIF Director, SCI-PAC Chairman, Marketing Chairman, National Fundraising Chairman, and on many other various committees. Read more