Congress Introduces Legislation to Protect Hunting on Federal Lands

June 30, 2009

Hunting’s Importance Reaffirmed

(Columbus)-Companion bills, introduced yesterday in Congress, protect the rights of sportsmen to hunt on federal land while also recognizing hunting’s importance to all conservation.

The Hunting Heritage Protection Act, is made up of Senate bill 1348, sponsored by Senator Saxby Chambliss (R- GA) and H.R. 3046, sponsored by Representative Denny Rehberg (R-MT).

Both pieces of legislation require that federal land be managed in a way that supports, promotes, and enhances access for hunting and mandates that an annual report be submitted to Congress detailing any limitations that are imposed on hunting federal lands. It also will require a written notification be given to Congress prior to any agency action that limits hunting on large parcels of federal land consisting of 5,000 or more acres. Read more

Western Great Lakes Gray Wolf Population Goes Back On Endangered List

June 30, 2009

In a move that is becoming extremely nauseating and utterly ridiculous, void of any science that President Obama promised would return to decisions like this, the government reached an agreement with those groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, who had sued to stop delisting, the gray wolf was returned to government protection. It appears the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did not exactly follow the legal steps before they could declare a removal from the Endangered Species Act list.

Before a move such as delisting, the USFWS must provide a 60-day public comment period and evidently this was not done. Because of that, the U.S. Government and the HSUS, et. al., reached an agreement that puts the wolves in Minnesota back under a “threatened” status and the rest of the wolves return as endangered. Wolves in Idaho and Montana that have be removed from the list, are not affected. Read more

N.J. Bear Problems Continue To Rise. Press Tells Another Story

June 28, 2009

It’s one thing to have an agenda. It’s admirable in some respect to have ideals and are willing to stand in support of those. It’s despicable to lie in order to convince others to side with you. New Jersey bear and human encounters are on the rise. They have been for several years now and many media sources within the state are reporting such.

At issue in the Garden State is whether non-lethal (interpreted as a ban on bear hunting) methods is all that is necessary to properly manage bears. Even though the facts reveal that when bear hunts are being implemented, bear and human encounters decline, those opposed to hunting claim that education programs geared at teaching the public how to live with bears is all that is necessary. Read more

Can We Control Populations Of Coyotes?

June 11, 2009

Theories abound as to whether or not man can control or properly manage populations of coyotes. Generally speaking, man does a pretty decent job of learning to live with the unbelievably restorative nature of this wily creature. Much of the truth is, we don’t know enough about this animal to formulate some of the so-called facts often tossed out in discussions.

One of those “facts”, widely used by animal rights activists who also double as anti-hunting rubes, is that if we hunt and trap coyotes we cause their populations to get bigger. Of course that growth description can get quite exaggerated in some discussions, so I tried to keep it moderate.

I think there are so many factors that play into how well wild animals reproduce that making a blank statement that killing a few creates more is disingenuous at best and ignorant at its worse. Read more

Economy Hurting Idaho Hunting Or Poor Hunting?

June 1, 2009

Finding the truth in anything these days is harder than finding an honest man in Washington. Rumors are flying off the wall about Idaho’s upcoming hunting season and it’s difficult to get any information that can tell us if hunting license sales are falling or this is simply a rumor.

Bouncing around the Internet, through emails, chat rooms and forums, some hunters are saying that an unusually high number of non residents will not buy a hunting license in Idaho because they are sick and tired of not finding any game to hunt. Much of the blame being placed on wolves.

I do not know whether Idaho’s license sales are lagging to this point of the year as compared to previous but it has been confirmed that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been sending out letters to past non resident hunting license holders encouraging them to buy their licenses and at the same time saying that the hunting prospects are great. Read more