NRA Files Complaint Against Washington, D.C. Gun Restrictions Laws

March 30, 2009

The District of Columbia continues to defy the ruling of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Heller v. D.C. In that case, the Supreme Court declared D.C.’s laws banning guns unconstitutional. This hasn’t stopped them, however, from creating “back door” laws making it virtually impossible and/or highly discriminatory, to own a gun.

From the NRA website: Read more

Maine’s Anti Game Farm Bill, LD560, Dead

March 30, 2009

A bill in Maine that would have put an end to all game farms, including a handful that offer shooting opportunities, got killed in committee by a 12-0 vote – the vote for “ought not to pass”. Under Maine rules, a unanimous vote effectively kills the bill.

One member of the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, Chairwoman Rep. Wendy Pieh, D-Bremen, was quoted as saying the following: Read more

New Jersey Bears On The Prowl. Authorities Care More About Bears

March 27, 2009

A black bear near Swartswood Lake tore into a rabbit pen and killed two rabbits and one is missing. Twin brothers, Logan and Garrett Bennett, were raising them for a 4-H project and their Dad, a builder by trade, had constructed what he thought to be a bear-proof hutch that required three men to move. He was wrong.

What’s interesting about this story is this. The father, Tom Bennett, said that living where he does he accepts that he has to put up with bears. He’ll work on a different plan should they decide to raise rabbits again. He also said he wasn’t a hunter but supported a season in order to “be some sort of check”. Read more

Idaho Department of Fish And Game Under Investigation

March 27, 2009

A North Idaho investigation company, Confidential Investigations, says they have been hired to look into the misuse of state property. According to who hired CI remains unknown at this time. I read through the article and most of what I am reading in this report appears to be a bit gray and nit-picking. However, I have yet to read the complete report.

Most of you should recall the old adage, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive.” This may be one of those instances and time will tell. This is taking on all the personality of a growing snowball. Read more

“East By North East” – Movie by Gray Ghost Productions

March 25, 2009

East by North East - DVD by Gray Ghost Productions, Fly FishingSpectacular! That is the best adjective I can come up with to describe East by North East, produced by Matt Stanton and Carter Davidson for Gray Ghost Productions.

I’ve seen my share of outdoor films, from hunting, fishing, kayaking and an myriad of good movies aimed at teasing the senses, creating fidgety in your pants and to get you off the couch. East by North East is really in a league of its own. It’s hot!

Let me first be a bit forthcoming in that some may think my review of this movie would be influenced by the fact that I know many of the players. In another life, I coached a little soccer, baseball and skiing. Carter Davidson, Luke Gray, Nathan Harvey, Jen and Stephanie Percival and Mitch Cummings all at one time or other were a part of my life and I coached them in various sports. At times some of them might have wished I wasn’t part of their life (as coaches sometimes can be) but I have to admit, I stand in awe of their accomplishments and the lives they lead. Read more

Wolf Wars Appear Eminent

March 25, 2009

Speaking of gray wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming only, it now appears that wolf wars may be on the horizon. Sportsmen, ranchers, individuals, legislators and other rational thinking people are coming to the end of their ropes on this wolf issue. One item may have temporarily stemmed the tide – Obama’s announcement to proceed with removing federal protection of the wolf. How long will this put off the inevitable?

This means very little to most in the Northern Rockies who have been lied to in the past, promises made and promises reneged on. And now in some areas, sportsmen sit helplessly by as years of money and effort are being flushed down the drain as an unmanaged and out of control wolf pack destroys deer and elk herds. Read more

New Wolf Control Facts

March 20, 2009

Note: The following article was originally printed in The Outdoorsman No. 33, February 2009 by the publisher, George Dovel. With his permission, I am republishing for Black Bear Blog readers.

Before I present the current Idaho wolf population data, the following highlights from the Alaska Board of Game wolf and bear control program approved in early March 2009 are very interesting. Because Alaska DFG Biologists are the undisputed experts in North American wolf research and in state control of wolves adversely impacting big game populations, this information should be read and discussed by every legislator and biologist involved in the wolf delisting process.

In early February, 2009, before the AK Game Board even met to consider requests for wolf control, Defenders of Wildlife (DOW) mounted a television campaign in opposition to aerial wolf control, using Hollywood actress Ashley Judd as its spokesperson. Judd called aerial killing of wolves “senseless savagery,” and attacked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for approving the practice (ID and MT take note). Read more

Northeast Environmentalists Want To Protect Interbred Canids (Dogs)

March 20, 2009

Where will the absolute insanity stop when it comes to efforts by extremists to end hunting, fishing and trapping, close off lands to human use, strip us of our rights and destroy our god given right in the pursuit of happiness?

It has gotten so bad that a group, made up of representatives from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York, have petitioned the Department of Interior in order to place protections under the Endangered Species Act for any interbred species of dogs, coyotes, wolves or any combination of the above, claiming these all to be unique species. Read more

DOD: Upon Further Review, Spent Military Brass Will Be Sold

March 18, 2009

*Hat tip to reader Jason*

A reader has sent me a copy of a letter that was sent to a person of inquiry concerning the ruling about the Department of Defense’s announcement that they would mutilate all military spent brass. It appears, according to the letter, that “upon review” it has been decided to go ahead and allow the sale of non-mutilated brass. Read more

Prediction Modeling: That’s Entertainment

March 17, 2009

crystal ballI don’t pretend to be a scientist but I have slept at a Holiday Inn Express before. On top of that, I’m always seeking a good chuckle first thing in the morning. I think I found one.

I’m old enough to remember the days when people of this world predicted that computers, among other things, were going to make us all lazy slobs. We may have become lazy slobs but I’m not sure how much can be attributed to computers, at least directly. I will also date myself to say that one of my favorite classes in high school was called, “Computer Math”. That’s where I began learning Fortran (It’s a computer programming language most people have never heard of.) and logic. I’m anal enough to have enjoyed logic. What was cool about it was that I learned how to write a program that would give me desired results based on certain input. Yes, if I wanted I could skew the program to give me the results I wanted. (I knew you were going to ask.) Read more

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