Early Morning Gobblers

May 20, 2008

By Patrick Murphy of Rocky Mount, NC

Wild Turkey in Tree6am finds me on schedule to my first listening location. The air is cool and sharp, there’s no wind. The thick smoke from my breath hovers around my head as I stop to listen. It seems thick enough to convince me it’s hampering my hearing, so I tip toe and listen rather then stand still.

Then it comes…the first gobble. I’m immediately 15 minutes late now, he’s a long ways. It takes forever, dodging the gauntlet of deer in route slows me down even more. As I close the distance, I know exactly where he’s at and the tree I’m gonna call home for the morning.

I barely make it to my tree as I watch hen #1 pitch down at 40-yds. and hen #2 touch down at 15 steps. What they don’t know, is there’s a man on the opposite side of this tree and he’s there for one thing and one thing only….to kill their kin.

3 minutes pass and the crisp, clear roost gobbles now sound muffled. He’s on the ground. My first series of yelps are answered down the ridge by a half-hearted Jake. My next series of yelps are cut off by my target. O boy….sure sounds like he got closer…..probably 100 yds. max.

My next series of low yelps are mixed with high volume, excited cutts. This time the gobbles are even closer and I can picture him nearly fondling himself. He’s never heard a hen this sexy.

Slight left hand movement turns the Holo Sight on, which tells my brain one thing….it’s just about time.

I hear him walking before I see him. It’s a little thick, but I finally catch movement out front. 35 yds. and he’s on a string. I
immediately begin scanning for open lanes to shoot. At 23 yds., he passes a huge oak and I do my final shifting and train the red dot on the next hole.

When he steps in the hole, what he doesn’t know is that quick diaphragm cutt was designed to make him look up. He doesn’t know it exposed every vertebrae to the pissed off swarm of Hevi Shot in my barrel. He has no clue that the man sitting at the base of that oak feels he’s put on this earth for one thing…and that’s to hunt critters like him down. But most importantly, he doesn’t know the 40+ pellets that just entered his head and neck just turned his lights off.

forever……THE END


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