Mindsets Change About Wolves When Problems Hit Close To Home

May 15, 2008

Barry Sadler’s Dog Attacked by Wolves in IdahoBarry Saddler lives in Northern Idaho. He says he’s never shot and killed an animal before in his life but that all changed this week when he killed one wolf from a pack that was attacking his dog. Now that he has had a first hand experience in what it’s really like dealing with wolves, this is what he had to say about it.

“I was always the one that liked gray wolves,” he says. “I said they just kill to eat. But they don’t kill to eat, they’re glutten killers. They kill to kill.”

There’s quite a difference in being out in the territory living where the wolves are then sitting in a cushy office in the city filing lawsuits. This is only one example of how one’s mindset about wolves can change when then witness first hand the killing capacity of a wolf. It’s not done the way the wolf lovers say it is.

Tom Remington


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