A. Sayward Lamb

May 31, 2008

A. Sayward LambFamily and friends, including all of us here at Skinny Moose Media, Maine Hunting Today, Maine Fishing Today and U.S. Hunting Today, are mourning the passing of a great husband, father and friend. Sayward passed away on Thursday, May 29, 2008. Read more

To Beat DEET Would Be Sweet!

May 28, 2008

MosquitoOh, my! For as long as man has taken to the woods, he has searched and searched for that magic “formula” that will keep biting insects away. For as long as man has searched for the secret there have been too-numerous-to-count “wives tales” formulas that “really do work”.

Take for example the blog I posted back in March about the use of Listerine mouth wash as an insect repellent. There have been over 30 comments from people who swear by it and those who will laugh in your face should you mention it. Read more

Maine Hunter And Outdoor Writer Attacked By Coyote

May 27, 2008

Blaine CardilliHere’s one story you seldom hear about. Maine hunter and outdoor writer, Blaine Cardilli – a contributing writer for U.S. Hunting Today – was recently attacked by a coyote while turkey hunting with a friend.

Cardilli was turkey hunting with friend Orrin Parker. The two were fully camouflaged and set up for turkey hunting. Cardilli was using a slate call to call in gobblers for his friend when he was hit hard from the backside and toward his left by a full grown adult coyote. Cardilli thinks the coyote had been stalking his slate calls and picked up on his movements while calling. Read more

Remembering Why We Are Free

May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Tribute
This holiday weekend is a time to reflect back and remember all those who sacrificed that we might be free in the greatest land God gave to us.

Tom Remington

Parody Of Ignorance

May 22, 2008

WellConsider this if you will. Fred owns a small farm. In the middle of his property he discovered he had a good source of water, water that he could use for his home and to water and care for what few animals he had on his farm.

A city dweller bought a lot of land next door to Fred and decided to build a home. The city dweller considered digging his own well but didn’t think it would look good and might be detrimental to the environment, so he worked out an agreement to buy his water from Fred. Read more

Early Morning Gobblers

May 20, 2008

By Patrick Murphy of Rocky Mount, NC

Wild Turkey in Tree6am finds me on schedule to my first listening location. The air is cool and sharp, there’s no wind. The thick smoke from my breath hovers around my head as I stop to listen. It seems thick enough to convince me it’s hampering my hearing, so I tip toe and listen rather then stand still.

Then it comes…the first gobble. I’m immediately 15 minutes late now, he’s a long ways. It takes forever, dodging the gauntlet of deer in route slows me down even more. As I close the distance, I know exactly where he’s at and the tree I’m gonna call home for the morning. Read more

New Jersey Black Bear Management

May 20, 2008

I received a copy of a letter sent to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection written by Greg Ziolkowski Sr. The letter is in regards to the management of black bears in New Jersey and efforts to restore the black bear hunting season as part of a scientific and viable means of management. Here is that letter. Read more

What They Didn’t Tell You About Wolf Recovery

May 19, 2008

Wolves in IdahoI have been meaning for some time now to get this information available for readers. I apologize that it has taken so long.

The Outdoorsman, a print publication out of Idaho and published and edited by George Dovel, is one of the most informative publications available to outdoor sportsmen today. Granted much of the material focuses on Idaho and the surrounding areas of Montana and Wyoming, much of what you can find in this magazine can and does apply to many other areas as well.

In the January, February, March, 2008, Bulletin Number 26 of the Outdoorsman, Dovel includes a nine-page information-packed article entitled, “What They Didn’t Tell You About Wolf Recovery”. If you would like a comprehensive read about facts and information not made public before about the efforts of recovering the gray wolf in the Western Rockies, I have made this portion of the Outdoorsman available to you in a pdf format. George Dovel has been kind enough to grant me permission to make this available to readers. Read more

Perhaps Listing The Polar Bear Will Bring Much Needed Attention To The ESA

May 15, 2008

Polar BearThere is one thing for certain. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne’s announcement yesterday that the polar bear will be listed as “threatened” has stirred the proverbial pot. It should have come as no surprise that regardless of what decision was made, it was going to be the wrong one to someone.

I want to take this opportunity to focus on a few comments made by Sec. Kempthorne, President Bush and others about listing the bear, the Endangered Species Act and the role the courts play in all this.

Here’s a comment made by Sec. Kempthorne in his address yesterday concerning the ESA and his past and present dealings with it. Read more

Mindsets Change About Wolves When Problems Hit Close To Home

May 15, 2008

Barry Sadler’s Dog Attacked by Wolves in IdahoBarry Saddler lives in Northern Idaho. He says he’s never shot and killed an animal before in his life but that all changed this week when he killed one wolf from a pack that was attacking his dog. Now that he has had a first hand experience in what it’s really like dealing with wolves, this is what he had to say about it. Read more

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