Where Have All The Elk Gone? Long Time Passing

February 29, 2008

Map of the state of IdahoHow many elk are there in the Northern Rockies area in and around Yellowstone National Park where wolves now control the landscape? How many were freely roaming the forests and the plains in their peak? How many are there now?

I’m not so naive that I don’t understand at least to some degree about counting wildlife. There are two things I know for sure; wild game are difficult to count and is mostly done based on gathering data rather than counting one by one, and when asked, fish and game officials are supposed to give out “official” numbers – I would suppose those put together from the last round of calculations even if their anecdotal evidence reveals something different. Read more

South Dakota Hunters Have A New Voice In Politics

February 28, 2008

South Dakota Hunting Rights AdvocacyBelow is information and a press release about a newly formed organization in South Dakota, South Dakota Hunting Rights Advocacy, aimed at fighting to protect the hunting heritage of South Dakotans. As I looked over the site, I found this. Read more

Beware of “Natural” Wildlife Management

February 24, 2008

Dr. Valerius GeistNearly one year ago, I wrote an article that referred to an article that was published in The Outdoorsman, Bulletin #5, July 2004; pages 4 and 5. The title of that article was, “Beware of “Natural” Wildlife Management”. It was written by Dr. Valerius Geist.

Dr. Valerius Geist, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at the University of Calgary in Alberta, is a renowned expert in wildlife management and conservation practices. In addition to teaching, writing about, and lecturing on the subjects, Dr. Geist has performed years of in-the-field research on big game species. He has authored 16 books, seven documentary films and contributed 40 entries to various encyclopedias.

With permission from Dr. Geist, I would like to publish the original article in its entirety. Read more

You Have The Right But Government’s Right Is Bigger

February 21, 2008

Barack Obama Talking Out Both Sides of His MouthAs time ticks away and candidates speak, we learn more about them. I once read where a guy said the easiest way to get information out of somebody is to just shut up and let them talk. Talking is cheap and double talking is the strength of a slimy politician – in other words all politicians.

On Tuesday I told you that Mr. Obama stated publicly that he believed in an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. In that article I shared information I got from David Bernstein about the days when Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois and the support he gave for gun control. Read more

“Undue Burden: The Real Cost Of Living With Wolves”

February 20, 2008

Undue Burden: The Real Cost of Living With WolvesAre you looking to get a different perspective on wolves other than the Disney version or one that is perpetuated by the mainstream media? Now is your chance. Western Institute for the Study of the Environment says: Read more

Preparations For Spring Turkey Season

February 18, 2008

By Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis displays his turkeyAs the days start to grow longer and the fall hunting seasons have passed, our thoughts start wandering to the upcoming spring turkey season. If anyone out there is a quarter like I am, you are starting to prepare your “tools of the trade” for that glorious opening day.

Shotgun Patterning

Just a short time before writing this article, fellow Quaker Boy Pro Staffer Chad Hodge, his wife Jessica and myself; conducted an extensive patterning session. It was a blast and between us both we had numerous chokes and loads to test. Patterning your shotgun is something very important and is neglected by a large portion of the turkey hunting population. Read more

Maine Warden Service Issues Summonses For Alleged Hunting and Theft Violations

February 16, 2008

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and WildlifeAUGUSTA, Maine – The Maine Warden Service issued a total of 42 summonses today to seven men from western Maine for alleged hunting and theft violations that resulted from a more than year-long investigation of their activities.

The Maine Warden Service’s Wildlife Crimes Investigation Division initiated the special investigation early last year after it received numerous complaints from the public, hunters and law enforcement about alleged poaching activities they witnessed regarding one of the men. Read more

Self-Guided In Alaska

February 12, 2008

By Robert Lane

Robert Lane preparing a raft trip down the Aniak River in AlaskaMost sportsmen dream of the adventure of a lifetime in Alaska. A lot of them make it happen. Many more don’t, and the cost of a guided hunting or fishing trip to the great northwest is usually the deciding factor.

If you have solid wilderness camping skills, a good understanding of wilderness survival, can navigate well with GPS, map, and compass, and are comfortable on the water, you can put together a self-guided float hunt or fishing trip to the 49th state that won’t break the bank. The early months of the new year are the times to plan for such a trip. Read more

“The Mountains” On Seeing Deer

February 11, 2008

“And I don’t see how you can ever bear to shoot them.”

An Illustration from the book, “The Mountains” by Stewart Edward White“Don’t you?” said I. “Well; suppose you’ve been climbing a mountain late in the afternoon when the sun is on the other side of it. It is a mountain of big boulders, loose little stones, thorny bushes. The slightest misstep would send pebbles rattling, brush rustling; but you have gone all the way without making that misstep. This is quite a feat. It means that you’ve known all about every footstep you’ve taken. That would be business enough for most people, wouldn’t it? But in addition you’ve managed to see everything on that side of the mountain – especially patches of brown. You’ve seen lots of patches of brown, and you’ve examined each one of them. Read more

Members Of Congress And VP Cheney Sign Brief In District Of Columbia vs. Heller

February 10, 2008

McCain signs, Obama and Clinton leave names off.

Seal of the United States Supreme CourtIn what appears to me to be a very quiet issue among presidential candidates vying for their party’s nomination, support for a ruling in favor of an individual right to keep and bear arms mounts. Not that I have been a listener of every debate or round table discussion with these candidates, but I have yet to hear one question posed to the candidates about their position on the Washington, D.C. gun ban case.

District of Columbia vs. Heller, a case in which a Washington, D.C. security guard et. al., challenged the District’s law banning the possession of hand guns and its restrictions on other gun ownership, claiming it to be unconstitutional. Read more

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