Northwoods Sporting Journal To Recognize Skinny Moose Media Bloggers

January 23, 2008

Northwoods Sporting JournalWith over 40,000 Northwoods Sporting Journal readers throughout the Northeast, with subscribers in all 50 states, John Ward, National Sales Manager of Northwoods Publications, LLC. and co-host of the new Northwoods Sporting Journal Television, thought it would be a terrific idea to gift our tried and true bloggers with a one-year subscription to their magazine.

This is a great opportunity for everyone as the result of a cooperative business spirit between Northwoods Publications, LLC and Skinny Moose Media, LLC. I spoke with my son Steve Remington, President of Skinny Moose Media, LLC., this morning about this and asked him if either he or John Ward perceived each other as direct competitors in the outdoor media business.

“I can’t really speak for John but I don’t see it that way at all. I assume John doesn’t either otherwise I can’t imagine he would make such a generous offer. As far as Skinny Moose Media is concerned, our objective is to reach as many people as we can to strengthen the industry. It’s what’s best for the consumer and that has to pay dividends for both of us. If it involves working closely with other media and related businesses, I think it’s great.”

I communicated with John Ward a few minutes ago and asked him to make a comment on how he perceives an expanded working relationship with Skinny Moose Media.

In this day and age where more and more outdoorsmen rely on the Internet for their communication and information needs, the partnership the Northwoods Sporting Journal has formed with Skinny Moose media and U.S. Hunting Today brings us another step closer to being the complete resource hunters have expected of us for years. Steve Remington and his crew work tirelessly to unite hunters, not only in Maine, but across the country. With the essential need for united grassroots efforts among the sporting community, it is companies like Skinny Moose Media, LLC. that help us to reach out using all of today’s communicative capabilities. Five stars and a dip of the hat to Skinny Moose Media.

Northwoods Sporting Journal, in addition to its regular subscribers, makes their magazine available in over 1,500 stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Eastern New York. With subscribers in all 50 states and Canada, NWSJ is looking to expand its readership. The NWSJ is also handed out to thousands of readers at dozens of outdoor and sporting shows throughout the Northeast.

With NWSJ’s 40,000 plus readership and Skinny Moose Media’s network-wide visits approaching a half a million monthly, Steve and John hope to be able to drive traffic in both directions strengthening the industry and just as importantly providing outdoor sportsmen with a greater base of valuable resources.

NWSJ’s generosity will put their information and article-filled magazine in the hands of all Skinny Moose Media bloggers who have been at if for at least one year. In return, SMM will strategically place advertisements at selected websites deemed to be appropriate by both parties.

“We were discussing the other day how we could find ways of motivating our bloggers,” said Steve Remington. “We came up with several ideas but this one kind of stuck with me and so I went with it. We are working on other ideas as we speak.”

Skinny Moose Media is always looking for interested bloggers who may want to write about the outdoors including sports. If you or anyone you know, might be interested in blogging, send Steve an email at It’s free and you can actually make money at it.

Tom Remington


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