And What’s Wrong With The Endangered Species Act?

January 30, 2008

Grizzly BearsIt’s getting worse before, if ever, it will get better. Abuse of the Endangered Species Act is at an all-time high and rising like a rocket. Something must be done! (Scroll to bottom to find links to related articles)

Can it get any worse? Millions of dollars are being spent on lawsuits aimed at preserving habitat and some species of wildlife needlessly, with no end in sight. The ESA is being used as a lethal weapon that will destroy our property rights and further sink us into economic recession. It’s out of control. Read more

When Do Wolves Become Dangerous To Humans?

January 28, 2008

Wolf Feeding on DeerMany of you have probably read several times or perhaps even heard me on my radio show talk about George Dovel and his ongoing efforts to reach people and educate them with facts about wildlife, etc. through his print publication, “The Outdoorsman”. (If you would like to subscribe to Mr. Dovel’s publication, you can write to this address: The Outdoorsman, P.O. Box 155, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, 83629)

In the latest issue of the Outdoorsman, Dovel presents to his readers some background history on how our media, often times influenced by fish and game personnel and wildlife biologists, react to and present written information about human and wolf encounters. As part of Dovel’s presentation, he includes a great deal of information that he received from one of our very renowned wolf experts. Read more

Red/Blue, Left/Right, Urban/Rural, Right/Wrong, Elite/Common, Smart/Dumb, Progressive/Backward

January 28, 2008

From the Movie DeliveranceThese lines have been drawn in the sand many times, probably since the beginning of time but I think today those drawing the lines are being more vocal about it and the lines are getting deeper and bolder. These days we dare not “profile”, once referred to as stereotyping, because it is deemed politically incorrect or socially unacceptable by the PC police. The trouble we get into when profiling other people isn’t so much that we are perhaps helping to define that person or group of persons but that we begin to look down our noses at them because they are different. My, we’ve come a long way haven’t we. Read more

$10 Could Get You A Maine Black Bear Hunt

January 25, 2008

Black Bear200 music students from Noble High School in Maine are getting creative in trying to find a way to raise $100,000 for a trip to New York City. Bake sales just aren’t getting the job done, so Rick Varney, a grandfather of one of the kids and Master Maine Guide, thought it would be a great idea to sell chances for a Maine Black Bear hunt. Read more

USFWS Announces New Rules For Wolf Management

January 25, 2008

Save a WolfWhile much of the west in and around the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Park wait impatiently for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to formally announce the removal of the gray wolf from protection under the Endangered Species Act, the USFWS announced that until that event takes place, they are easing some of the restrictions on the wolf in order to give flexibility to states to implement actions to protect wild herds of elk, deer and moose, protect livestock, private property and for public safety. The states involved are Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

With a rapidly growing wolf population in this area, each year there are more and more conflicts cropping up with wolves. It is expected that in March sometime the USFWS will announce delisting but they also realize as many as 27 different agencies are preparing to present lawsuits to stop the delisting process. Read more

Connecticut Activists Still Pushing For Deer Population Reductions To Ease Lyme Disease

January 25, 2008

Tick Infested Deer Carrying Lyme DiseaseDr. Georgina Scholl appears to be spearheading the movement by two very well organized and vocal groups that have had it with the threats of Lyme disease and want something done about it. The Connecticut Coalition to Eradicate Lyme Disease and the Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance believe the way to achieve this goal is to reduce whitetail populations from around 60 or more per square mile down to around 8 or 10 per square mile.

Scholl was to have met with Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s chief of staff on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

“First, we are asking the governor for a proclamation to help raise public awareness of the health risks,” said Dr. Scholl. “If every town wants the DEP to help, customized plans can be made [for reducing herd numbers]. Right now, people think hunting deer is a sport and many think it’s inappropriate. But if the information is put out in a way the public can understand, the DEP would be asked to help in getting the population down.”

Hunters would be asked to play an active role in this task.

The reduction could be effected by a number of methods. “They could be rounded up and euthanized,” Dr. Scholl said. “But,” (s)he (sic) added, “there are already as many hunters as there are deer. If each hunter could be encouraged to take just one more deer each year, the problem would be solved. Some towns use sharpshooters-it doesn’t have to be sports hunters.”

It’s not spelled out in this article or previous bits of information I have read in the past, but I can only assume at this point that efforts would have to be made to work very closely with the fish and game experts, including their biologists, to focus the efforts on herd reduction to areas in most need. A random event of simply asking hunters to take more deer may not achieve the goals sought in the worst effected areas.

Howard Kilpatrick, a Connecticut wildlife biologist, says efforts are already underway to reduce herds.

He said the DEP has already instituted initiatives to reduce the deer population in Fairfield County and the shoreline towns, including giving free replacement tags for “antlerless”-does and juveniles. “There is basically no limit on antlerless deer in those areas,” he said. “If you remove one doe each year that means she doesn’t have twins the next year and you have three less deer.”
The DEP is also allowing bait stations where “hunter success is much, much higher” and an “earn a buck program,” where hunters get an extra buck tag for every three antlerless deer taken.

This proposal by Dr. Scholl and others who have signed on to the idea, isn’t being readily agreed upon by everyone. Of course animal rights groups are saying there is no need to kill any animals and others opposed to hunting are lead to speak out against it.

But some, not so radical anti-hunting groups, are jumping on the bandwagon as they too see the threat of Lyme disease as a very serious public health issue.

Connecticut has been notorious over the last few years as a breeding ground of ticks that carry Lyme disease. Many people have been bitten by the ticks and have suffered greatly as a result. Anytime you achieve an imbalance in wildlife populations, as is the case here with the deer, there is always the threat of disease and starvation. The over browsing of deer can destroy the vegetation ultimately ruining the ecosystem rendering it non functional to many of the other species of wildlife.

Hunters are recognized nationwide as being the first conservationists in America working hard to protect all wildlife and the ecosystems that support them. Sometimes hunters are perceived or spoken of in a way that incorrectly depicts their intentions when it comes to game harvest. Hunters understand the importance of a healthy deer herd along with everything else.

The best way to preserve and promote the future of hunting as a way of managing wildlife, is to work to insure a healthy forest complete with healthy animals.

Tom Remington

Is Government Two-Faced When It Comes To Domestic Elk Industry?

January 24, 2008

Domestic Elk in Pen in IdahoFascism takes on many forms some of which are difficult to spot. I see far too many groups and individuals attempting to force ideals onto others. When this happens an assortment of tactics are employed in order to manipulate the system and sway public opinion to achieve an end result.

Take for example the state of Idaho. Idaho is home to one of the best run domestic elk industries in the United States, in my opinion. It is well run, clean, disease free and brings a substantial economic contribution to the people of that state as well. Some people don’t like to see elk trapped behind fences even though elk have been domesticated world wide for centuries. Read more

Northwoods Sporting Journal To Recognize Skinny Moose Media Bloggers

January 23, 2008

Northwoods Sporting JournalWith over 40,000 Northwoods Sporting Journal readers throughout the Northeast, with subscribers in all 50 states, John Ward, National Sales Manager of Northwoods Publications, LLC. and co-host of the new Northwoods Sporting Journal Television, thought it would be a terrific idea to gift our tried and true bloggers with a one-year subscription to their magazine.

This is a great opportunity for everyone as the result of a cooperative business spirit between Northwoods Publications, LLC and Skinny Moose Media, LLC. I spoke with my son Steve Remington, President of Skinny Moose Media, LLC., this morning about this and asked him if either he or John Ward perceived each other as direct competitors in the outdoor media business. Read more

Making Excuses For Bush Administration’s Stance On D.C. vs. Heller

January 22, 2008

U.S. Supreme Court and President George W. BushIt’s no secret to readers that I, along with millions of other Americans, are fed up with how the Bush Administration is handling District of Columbia versus Heller, the well known D.C. handgun case. First, the U.S. Solicitor General, Paul Clement, submitted a brief representing the view of the Bush administration that they didn’t agree with the lower court’s ruling that said the current ban on handguns was unconstitutional. Read more

There Will Be No Satisfaction No Matter What The Determination Of Polar Bear Protection

January 21, 2008

Polar BearI have already come to the conclusion that unless the Bush administration, more specifically the Department of the Interior, determines that the world is coming to an end, the first to go are polar bears, that we should all double our taxes to protect them, sell off all our defense weapons, retreat from Iraq and have all the first born in the republican families killed, there will be no satisfaction.

I think the Bush White House thought they were doing a good thing when they agreed to take a closer look at polar bears to see if they needed further protection – further than the “International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears” signed in 1973 by the U.S., Canada, Norway, the former USSR and Denmark, which in 1973 governed Greenland. These were the countries with polar bear populations. Read more

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