Revamping Deer Hunting Seasons Or Catering To Special Interests

December 31, 2007

AtlatlIt seems everyday I learn of another bunch of unhappy deer hunters griping and complaining about them not getting the same “fair” opportunity as the next guy. Will it ever end? Nah! I don’t think it is something human nature can rise above, at least not on a regular basis.

Remember back to the days of Little League baseball? Having spent many of my earlier years coaching, organizing the local leagues and even a stint as county Little League baseball commissioner, dealing with the kids was a cake walk. The same could not be said for the parents. Sometimes I think the authorities at each state’s fish and game department wake up some mornings and think to themselves, “Ah, Geez! I got to go to work today and listen to another unhappy deer hunter who knows more about how to put all this information together and come up with a deer hunting season that keeps everyone happy – including the deer.” Read more

Through Better Men than I

December 27, 2007

By Master Sargent Mike Sibley

Father and Son Share Hunting ExperienceI can hear their whispers wherever I go. “Control your breathing, concentrate on the blade, and squeeze.” “Feel your way along with your toes instead of watching your feet.” “Work your way down through that black-growth and you’ll find ‘em in that stand of beech.” So persistent are they that I sympathize with a schizophrenic who feels as if he’s never alone. Unlike him, my voices are not a psychotic delusion created by chemical imbalances crying out for the saving grace of lithium. Real men spoke those words and no amount of time or distance will ever silence them. They are my last connection to a past that I crave but know I’ll never see. They define the man who hears them. And I pray they shape the lives of my sons. Read more

Tom Remington Interviews Rex Rammell

December 27, 2007

Dr. Rammell is campaigning for the Republican nomination for the soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat currently held by the embattled Larry Craig. Listen to the interview.


Dad’s Rifle – A Family Heirloom

December 27, 2007

By Bob Lane

Robert LaneIn many hunting families, guns are handed down from generation to generation. When a family member no longer desires to, is unable to hunt, or is deceased, the rifles, pistols, and shotguns are often passed on to the hunting offspring or grandchildren of the former hunter. The sentimental value and memories attached to the firearms often far outweigh the monetary value of the guns themselves. Read more