H.B. Forge Tomahawk

March 23, 2007

I love this thing. Gutting, breaking the pelvic bone, trimming a limb, hammer in stakes for a blind, and entertainment all in one tool.

This is from their ad on their web page.

Small Camp Axe (Throwing Camp Axe)
Like the large camp axe, only the hammer pole has been added to the Lady’s Hawk blade. Overall it is much lighter than the large camp axe and is more easily used as a throwing campa axe. It is also a wonderful belt axe and can easily deal with small firewood, kindling and tent stakes.
$40.50 3 lbs.


I have both the large camp axe and this smaller version. I’ve used mine for all the tasks mentioned in their promotion, small firewood, kindling, and tent stakes as well as trimming a few limbs when setting up tree stands and splitting the pelvic bone on a deer. This thing is the best ever for splitting that bone. If I was doing that job at home and could use anything I own it would be this small camp axe. It’s the simplest thing in the world to clean up and does a great job.


Now for the cream on top, it’s a fantastic toy. In camp or just playing around on the trail walking home, nothing makes the walk go faster or time pass more enjoyable in camp than tossing something and sticking it in the next tree. If you happen to guess wrong it doesn’t destroy the tool like most modern designs. The hand forged steel head just slides down the handle and you slide it back up to fix it. It’s a simple tool. It serves several purposes, works every time and is nearly impossible to break it.

I like it. I’ve owned a couple and the hardest thing about them is keeping your friends from talking you out of yours. I give this one two thumbs up!

Richard “B” Becraft 


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