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Michigan DNR Fights Federal Court’s Wolf Protection Decision

On Friday, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that it filed an appeal in the December 2014 federal court... 

February 27, 2015 | Read the story »

Russian Hunters Discover 10,000-year-old Frozen Woolly Rhino in River

Paleontologists are calling a recent find in the Russian region of Yakutia a "sensation." Last September, Aleksandr Banderov and his... 

February 27, 2015 | Read the story »

Experimental Teal Season in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin a Success

In 2014, the states of Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin held an experimental teal duck season with authorization from the US Fish and... 

February 26, 2015 | Read the story »

Video: Hunting Wild Boars with Monkeys

We are not entirely sure of the context of this video, but it appears to show hunters in Africa using a unique method of harvesting wild... 

February 25, 2015 | Read the story »

Hunting Tips

Video: 5 Cheap, Unconventional Ways to Sharpen Your Knife

The odds are that if you own a knife, you have already perused the different knife sharpeners out on the market today and probably... 

February 27, 2015 | Read the story »

Video: How to Smoke a Venison Ham

This past fall, my wife shot her first deer in 32 years. Before you read the rest of this article, you may want to watch the video... 

February 18, 2015 | Read the story »